Ancient egyptian pharaoh crook and flail

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ancient egyptian pharaoh crook and flail

The Crook and Flail (The She-King, #2) by Libbie Hawker

The son of the god must take her rightful place on Egypts throne.

Hatshepsut longs for power, but she is constrained by her commitment to maat the sacred order of righteousness, the way things must be. Her mother claims Hatshepsut is destined for Egypts throne not as the kings chief wife, but as the king herself, despite her female body. But a woman on the throne defies maat, and even Hatshepsut is not so bold as to risk the safety of the Two Lands for her own ends.

As Gods Wife of Amun, she believes she has found the perfect balance of power and maat, and has reconciled herself to contentment with her station. But even that peace is threatened when the powerful men of Egypt plot to replace her. They see her as nothing but a young woman, easily used for their own ends and discarded. But she is the son of the god Amun, and neither her strength nor her will can be so easily discounted.

As the machinations of politics drive her into the hands of enemies and the arms of lovers, onto the battlefield and into the childbed, she comes face to face with maat itself and must decide at last whether to surrender her birthright to a man, or to take up the crook and flail of the Pharaoh, and claim for herself the throne of the king.

L. M. Ironsides saga of the Thutmoside dynasty continues with The Crook and Flail, the anticipated sequel to The Sekhmet Bed.
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Ancient Egypt Crook and Flail

The crook (heka) and flail (nekhakha) are symbols used in Ancient Egyptian society. They were See also[edit]. Sekhem scepter Was scepter Pharaoh- seated, with flail & red crown (hieroglyph).
Libbie Hawker

Crook and flail.

And let it begin with me. However, this is only one level of understanding the depth of their symbolic significance. When gods become men , Osiris embarks on this journey of descent into a perceived containment in a physical body that is reflected as the Fool in the Tarot deck. He comes equipped with a knowing and freedom granted only to the eternal gods, and quickly falls through the electro-magnetic field of forgetfulness, only to become veiled by the waveform that is acknowledged as cosmic consciousness, the Torus field that is symbolized by the wings of Isis and her sister, Nebhet. His now limited senses of what he is experiencing hold him hostage, now wrapped in his very own wings mummification within an earth based consciousness.

The Crook and the Flail is symbolic the respectable position of kingship it signified pharaonic dominion over the land of Egypt. Both of farming origin, the crook symbolized that the pharaoh is the shepherd or the carer of the people and flail is the scourge of necessary punishment to maintain order in society. Together, usually held in both hands crossed on the chest, they are the most prominent insignia of the royal regalia of ancient Egypt that symbolizes divine authority. They are usually seen carried by the pharaoh during state festivals. The crook otherwise known as the heka was cane with a crooked handle normally made of gold and reinforced with blue copper bands.

The Khemit School of Ancient Mysticism | {KSAM}

Wroclaw is a city to fall in love with. It has a charming Western atmosphere - E gyptian art is rich in symbols related to royalty and its religious beliefs. By learning to read these symbols, one can gain a better understanding and appreciation of Egyptian art.

The crook heka and flail nekhakha are symbols used in Ancient Egyptian society. They were originally the attributes of the deity Osiris that became insignia of pharaonic authority. The earliest known example of a royal crook is from the Gerzeh culture Naqada II , and comes from tomb U in Abydos. By late Predynastic times, the shepherd's crook was already an established symbol of rule. The flail initially remained separate, being depicted alone on some earliest representations of royal ceremonial.




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