Watchtower and bible tract society

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watchtower and bible tract society

Reasoning From The Scriptures by Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society

Some folks who live in the city may have encountered or even feared those wandering the neighborhood who are out to get you. No, I am not talking about the criminal element, but rather those known as the Jehovahs Witnesses. Actually these missionaries are just out to save you, even though you might not want to be saved. But they mean well, and to guide them and help them this book was written. You see, unlike professional missionaries, I have seen families of Jehovahs Witnesses going door to door attempting to spread the Word. Personally I find nothing wrong with that, because missionaries of another denomination saved me, or at least they tried to. Anyway ...

Most of this book is a sort of manual that says things like, If they say this, then you say that. Biblical references are quoted to back up arguments. I wont diverge into their beliefs here because that is not my intention.

Some of the topics were well presented and enlightening for me. I could understand what they were getting at. What they said about philosophy being the product of imperfect men vs Scripture being from a perfect God really struck home with me.

One problem I found was that it became very confusing when they started quoting different interpretations and translations of ancient scriptures. When different words mean different things in different languages even an expert could take things out of context, maybe even subconsciously.

Probably the greatest criticism I have for this book is the answer they give for when someone they are conversing with says, Lets pray about it. Basically, the answer says no, and they give their reasoning. For a religious book to say that to an inquiring mind is like pulling the plug on a ventilator. You just killed the patient.

I will say this about their religion which will help you understand what this book is about. They believe all the answers can be found in the Bible, if you search them out. And that is what they are here for, to help you search them out.
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Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc. is a corporation used by.
Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society

Corporations of Jehovah's Witnesses

Data for financial year ending 31 August Printing and distributing Bibles and Bible-based literature in several languages. Funding the construction of places of worship in various countries. Supporting congregations and associations of Jehovah's Witnesses and others in connection with their spiritual and material welfare in the United Kingdom and abroad, by making donations and advancing the Christian missionary work. Ratios have to be put in context. For example the accounting rules affect what can be classed as income or expenditure. Where a charity which purchases land to further its objects the accounting rules do not permit including the purchase cost as charitable spending in its accounts.

Audited financial statements available only through official request for information from Charities Directorate. Grade based on the charity's public reporting of the work it does and the results it achieves. The demonstrated impact per dollar Ci calculates from available program information. Charity's cash and investments funding reserves relative to how much it spends on programs in most recent year. The Society also works with the Order of Special Full-Time Servants for Bible education, including special training schools for those that lead preaching activities of Jehovah's Witnesses. The charity reported that it did not have any paid employees in F The financial statements Watch Tower provides to the CRA Charities Directorate are incomplete, missing the financial notes and auditors information.

It is the main legal entity used worldwide by Jehovah's Witnesses to direct, administer and disseminate doctrines for the group and is often referred to by members of the denomination simply as "the Society". The organization was formed in as Zion's Watch Tower Tract Society for the purpose of distributing religious tracts. On February 16, , Zion's Watch Tower Tract Society was formed in Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania, United States, for the purpose of organizing the printing and distribution of religious tracts. William Henry Conley , a Pittsburgh industrialist and philanthropist, served as president, with Charles Taze Russell serving as secretary-treasurer. Paton and W.

Besides the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania, Jehovah's Witnesses use dozens of legal entities in various countries. Some of these entities.
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A number of corporations are in use by Jehovah's Witnesses. They publish literature and perform other operational and administrative functions, representing the interests of the religious organization. The oldest and most prominent of their corporation names, "Watch Tower Society", has also been used synonymously with the religious organization of Jehovah's Witnesses, even in their own literature. It is the main legal entity used worldwide by Jehovah's Witnesses , often referred to as "The Society". It holds the copyrights of most literature published by Jehovah's Witnesses.


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    The Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania is a non-stock, not-for- profit organization headquartered in Warwick, New York. It is the main legal entity used worldwide by Jehovah's Witnesses to direct.

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