Reek a song of ice and fire

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reek a song of ice and fire

A Song of Ice & Fire Fans - REEK !! For those who read the 5th book Showing 1-20 of 20

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Sphinx: who is the Citadel’s secret student?


In the television adaptation Game of Thrones he is portrayed by Iwan Rheon. Ramsay has a group of men-at-arms who stand high in his favor and follow him loyally, although their true allegiance lies with Lord Roose. They are called the Bastard's Boys , though never within their or Ramsay's hearing, and are just as depraved as Ramsay. Ramsay's personal steed is named Blood , and he keeps a pack of female hunting hounds. Ramsay is an ugly young man, even when dressed finely. He is big boned and slope shouldered, with a fleshiness indicating he will be fat later in life. Ramsay's skin is pink and blotchy, his nose broad, his hair long and dark and dry.

Martin , and its television adaptation Game of Thrones. Introduced in 's A Clash of Kings , Ramsay is the bastard son of Roose Bolton , the lord of the Dreadfort, an ancient fortress in the North of the kingdom of Westeros. He later appears in Martin's A Dance with Dragons Ramsay is an amoral and vicious sadist who strives to be legitimized as a true Bolton by his father. He is directly responsible for several atrocities in both the novels and television show, including the brutal torture of Theon Greyjoy ; however, his role as a primary antagonist is greatly expanded in the television adaptation. Ramsay Bolton is not a point of view character in the novels, and remains mostly in the background.

If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page. Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page. - In the television adaptation Game of Thrones , he is played by Alfie Allen.

At 11 minutes, this song is pretty long and singing only starts at around So you can skip to there if you want, but I of course advise against it ;. As always, I will write my thoughts on the topic at the end. Theon is a complicated character. No matter what you think of him, I think we can agree that his story is a very interesting one. From this point forward, he was basically a hostage, torn between the Greyjoy and Stark identity. While he was treated well by Ned and got along fairly well with Robb, his relationship to other members of the family, especially Catelyn, was much colder.

Reek is a man-at-arms in service to House Bolton. He is reportedly never far from his master, and is almost as renowned for his cruelty as Ramsay is, and appears to practice necrophilia. According to Lord Roose Bolton , Reek always smelled appalling, apparently born with that condition. Reek once doused himself with perfume stolen from Roose's second wife, Bethany. When he was caught and whipped, even his blood smelled bad, according to Roose. Reek tried it again a year later, this time almost dying from drinking the perfume.

Martin , and its television adaptation Game of Thrones. Theon is the youngest son and presumptive heir of Balon Greyjoy , taken as a ward by Lord Eddard Stark following Balon's failed rebellion. Theon's complex and often troubled relationship with both his birth and adoptive family are central to the character's arc throughout the novels and its television adaptation. He is one of the major third person points-of-view through which Martin narrates both books. Theon Greyjoy is the heir apparent and only living son of Balon Greyjoy. Theon is the narrator for a total of thirteen chapters in the second and fifth novels, A Clash of Kings and A Dance with Dragons. Ten years before the events of the series, Theon was taken hostage by Eddard Stark.


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    Not to be confused with Ramsay Snow or Theon Greyjoy, who have both gone by the name "Reek" at some point. Reek is the personal servant of Ramsay Snow. According to Lord Roose Bolton, Reek always smelled appalling, apparently born with that condition.

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    He is the younger brother of Rodrik , Maron , and Asha Greyjoy.

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