Hot and heavy short stories

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hot and heavy short stories

Hot and Heavy (Out of Uniform, #4-6) by Elle Kennedy

When a SEAL goes after your heart, don’t put up a fight. They don’t like to lose.

Heat It Up
One minute Becker is responding hell no to a pesky reporter’s interview request. The next, he’s calming her confined-space panic attack—with a kiss. And caving in to a fierce, unexpected need. Long term? Hell no. But a fling with the redhead with a brutally honest mouth and a body made for sin? Abso-effing-lutely…

Heat of the Night
When her long-time fiance breaks off their engagement, Annabelle sets out to prove she’s not a prude. Then her list of sexual fantasies winds up in the wrong hands. When Ryan accidentally slides into the wrong bed, it feels so right he offers to help Annabelle check off every last wild, wicked item—with the aid of his SEAL team buddy, Matt.

The Heat is On
Matt thinks he’s a bad boy…until he finds himself face down on the floor during a bank robbery, arguing with a sexy blonde who wields her sharp tongue with surgical precision. Savannah eagerly follows the adrenaline rush she feels with Matt to the nearest bed. But when tangled sheets begin to feel like tangled heartstrings, her first instinct is to cut him loose. Problem is, Matt’s not going anywhere…

Warning: Contains dangerously hot Navy SEALS that give the phrase “going commando” whole new meaning.
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Published 03.12.2018

Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc - Episode 42: Things Get Hot And Heavy!

I Couldn’t Believe I Was Doing This

So if you ever want to turn off the visual, give any of these stories a read. It should go without saying, but all text within is NSFW. She flicked off the lights and pushed him against the wall. A frame fell face down on the floor and shattered next to them. She bit at his bottom lip, tugging his face, commanding him to follow her lead as she walked backwards down the hallway, deeper into the darkness, her darkness. And he, submitting to her bestial strength, simply weaved his fingers into the rust of her hair and bowed to her dominion. Like a lowly, unassuming insect, captivated by her hellfire glow.

Wet is a collection of seven stories full of kinky surprises and twisted fetishes, with a touch of the supernatural, and wild, consensual sex. Startled, Arun looked up. There she was. Looking between his legs. Then moving quickly to look him straight in the eyes.

Culture May 19, However, there are actually tons of websites where you can find erotic novels, erotic short stories and basically any erotic literature your heart desires…for free. Ready to get hot and heavy with your reading glasses on? Their erotica is all based on a true story or completely true. They also like their submissions brief and to-the-point, so True Dirty Stories is full of short erotica and erotic short stories.

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Skip navigation! Story from Sex. We're partnering with erotica author and expert Rachel Kramer Bussel to bring you steamy stories written by women. Enjoy the selection below, and head to the collection to discover even more. After I had given up hope of ever having a sexual experience as satisfying as my night with Leif. Every muscle in my body tensed with anticipation. My breath caught in my chest as my fingers ventured down, under the black lace of my panties.


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