Maureen hindley and david smith

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maureen hindley and david smith

Witness: The Story of David Smith, Chief Prosecution Witness in the Moors Murders Case by David Smith

In the half-light of early morning on October 7, 1965, 17-year-old David Smith called Hyde police from a telephone box on Hattersley overspill estate in Manchester. The story that he had to tell—of the brutal murder he had witnessed the previous evening—set in motion the detection of Britains most infamous serial killings: the Moors Murders. Despite standing as chief prosecution witness at the subsequent trial, David Smith was vilified and hated by a public who knew nothing of the facts behind the accusations thrown at Smith by the killers themselves in an attempt to gain lesser sentences. Myra Hindleys own confession, 20 years later, that she and Ian Brady had lied about Smiths involvement in their crimes, did little to diminish the slurs against his name. For almost 45 years, David Smith has been asked by writers and filmmakers to tell his story. With the exception of no more than a handful of very brief interviews, he has refused. Carol Ann Lee met Smith during her research for One of Your Own, her critically acclaimed biography of Hindley, following which he finally agreed to reveal all regarding the case and his involvement in it. In Witness, interviews, archival research, and, most significantly, David Smiths own vivid memories are fused to create an unforgettable, often harrowing account of his life before, during, and after the Moors Murders.
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Jun 30, David Smith, who has died aged 64, was brother-in-law to Myra yards away, woke up his wife, Hindley's year-old younger sister Maureen.
David Smith

David Smith

Please read the rules before posting , especially if you're self-promoting. Brady and Hindley are arguably the most famous child killers in modern British history. Despite the fact that it was David Smith who turned in Brady and Hindley for the murder of Edward Evans, he was vilified in the press and his reputation ruined. His young marriage with Maureen became strained and they divorced. He died in Probably because he was young, disaffected boy. Brady most likely saw a little bit of himself in David Smith and hence he tried to groom him.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…., Sister of the infamous 'Moors Murderer' Myra Hindley. It was Maureen who persuaded her 18 year old husband David Smith to go to the police after witnessing the murder of Edward Evans.

Two of the victims were discovered in graves dug on Saddleworth Moor ; a third grave was discovered there in , more than twenty years after Brady and Hindley's trial. Bennett's body is also thought to be buried there, but despite repeated searches it remains undiscovered. The pair were charged only in the deaths of Kilbride, Downey and Evans, and received life sentences. The investigation was reopened in , after Brady was reported as having confessed to the murders of Reade and Bennett. After confessing to these additional murders, Brady and Hindley were taken separately to Saddleworth Moor to assist in the search for the graves. Characterised by the press as "the most evil woman in Britain", [1] Hindley made several appeals against her life sentence, claiming she was a reformed woman and no longer a danger to society, but was never released. She died in , aged

By Debbie Mccann. The victims were five children aged between 10 and 17, four of whom were sexually assaulted. Final days: David Smith in hospital with his wife Mary and his great-grandchild. He was there when the teenager took his final agonising intake of air. Terrified that he would be next, he felt forced to help Brady and Hindley clean up the nauseating mess. Mary revealed that at the point of death, David sent her out of the room on a pretext.


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