Dr russell humphreys starlight and time

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dr russell humphreys starlight and time

Starlight and Time: Solving the Puzzle of Distant Starlight in a Young Universe by Russell Humphreys

This book is essentially a historical, scientific model of the six days of Creation, particularly in relation to day 4. Ever wonder how the stars were both created and visible, from billions of light years away, on the fourth day of Creation?

Be at ease when reading _Starlight_and_Time_, that atheists dont have any better ideas, even on this particular topic. They have not solved the Horizon Problem. (Feel free to look it up.) Thus, we havent any reason to feel ashamed for having needed a better model than the one presented in _Starlight_and_Time_, which is Gravitational Time Dilation.

Since last year, we have that model.
See www.answersingenesis.org/articles/am/...

Nonetheless, this is still a wonderful, educational book, and it really had been _the_ best scientific explanation of the 4th day of Creation.

This book will help you understand the issue, and not just its well developed hypothesis. It will also help you understand the significance of the ASC model, which now replaces this model. I.e. youll see much intelligent thought in this model. For it to be dethroned, is truly amazing, and not to have been expected.

_Starlight_and_Time_s brilliance shouldnt surprise you, reader, because Dr. Russell Humphreys, its author, is faithful to God and His word, and has made several successful scientific predictions in astronomy.

A great quote from _Starlight_and_Time_:
‘A straightforward approach to scripture is the only one I can think of which can yield surprising new knowledge. Without such an approach, I would tend to re-interpret any passage of scripture which did not fit into what I thought was true at the time, and scripture would lose its power to astonish me. If God intended scripture to inform us of things we would not otherwise know, then He must also have intended it to be understood straightforwardly. “Straightforward” does not necessarily always mean “literal.”
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One of the issues that concern many people who wish to adopt young-earth creationism as a valid view of earth history is the question of how stars can be seen many millions of light years away if only a few thousand years have passed since they were created. Russell Humphreys, a previous researcher at ICR, spent years working on this problem and has developed a creationist cosmology that seems to resolve this question. On the fourth day of creation, how long did it take God to make the stars and bring their light to earth? No time at all, according to clocks here on earth. That is what Humphreys concludes from his new creationist cosmology research. The cosmology presented in his book, Starlight and Time , 1 had the light getting to earth in a finite amount of time, not instantaneously.

He has proposed a theory for the origin of the universe which allegedly resolves the distant starlight problem that exists in young Earth creationism. Humphreys graduated with a B. D in physics from Louisiana State University in In an article published in the Creation Research Society Quarterly in December , Humphreys proposed a creationist model for the origin of planetary magnetic fields. As part of his model, he also made predictions about the magnetic fields of Mercury, Mars, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto by using assumed values for their initial magnetic field and decay rates.


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