Halo combat evolved easter eggs and secrets

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halo combat evolved easter eggs and secrets

Halo - Combat Evolved: Sybex Official Strategies & Secrets by Doug Radcliffe

Become Halos Master Chief
Survive a two-on-one battle against Hunters, assist the Marines at the assault on the control room, thwart the Covenant, and successfully capture the flag on Blood Gulch. Halo, the worlds best action game, blasts onto the PC, and this book is your indispensable guide to every aspect of the vast Halo universe.
Written with the full collaboration of Bungie Studios, Gearbox, and Microsoft Game Studios, this guide is packed with invaluable strategies, behind-the-scenes information, and winning tactics straight from the experts.
Inside youll find:
* Complete single-player walkthrough so you can survive Legendary difficulty
* Analysis of every weapon, vehicle, and enemy in the game
* Powerful strategies from hardcore Halo veterans around the world
* Exclusive Halo Story Bible excerpts that have never been published anywhere
* Tips and level design notes from the Bungie and Gearbox development teams
* Detailed maps of every single multiplayer level
* Essential tactics for dominating every multiplayer map and game mode
* Full compilation of Halo Easter eggs!
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Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary - Hidden Guilty Sparks Easter Egg

On the screen are a series of colored discs -- they may be different for everyone, I am not sure about that, but you basically hit the corresponding buttons on your gamepad to match the colors from left to right and you will gain access to a screen with all of the possible symbols from the last part of each of the Terminal CS's in the game. The Secret Waypoint Terminal Display. Each of these codes, when they are entered successfully, will unlock the corresponding Terminal video in Halo: Waypoint as well as bonus credits.
Doug Radcliffe

Top 10 Best Halo Easter Eggs

Once the mission starts, jump onto the yellow container and wait there for a little while. After that, proceed through the mission as normal until you speak to Keyes. After receiving the pistol, kill three grunts and shoot Keyes in the head. At this time, a secret door will open and three invincible enemies will come out from that room. You need to head inside this room and check the rooftop to find this Easter Egg and unlock Megg Achievement.

During the level The Pillar of Autumn , on Legendary difficulty, players can access a secret room. At the start of the mission, jump on the yellow container in the first room, and wait for 15 seconds. Now follow through the level until you speak to Keyes, and he will hand you a pistol. Continue forward, pick up ammo, kill the 3 grunts, and return to Keyes. Shoot him in the head to kill him. Doing this will make 3 invincible troops come out of a secret room that was previously locked.

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Thirsty Grunt · Siege of Madrigal · AWOL Marine · Rex · Megg · Hidden Marine Easter Egg on Guilty Spark · Hugging Elite · Hidden Flood Combat Forms.
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For this list I will not be including Skulls, since I have covered those already, and none of the Easter Eggs that appeared in my Top 10 Creepiest Easter Eggs list will be appearing here either. So, coming in at number The wall-mounted phones in Halo 3 have tiny Windows logos on them, a nostalgic callback to the era in which this game was released. This is one of several computing-related references in Halo 3, another being the fact that the UNSC computers offline with a modern-day blue screen of death. Just a small but relatively interesting detail that shows the dedication to making the world seem real. This Easter Egg is tucked away in the top floor of a destroyed building in the Halo 2 level Outskirts. What makes this interesting is that it is located outside of the level boundaries, meaning that the developers must have known that players would manipulate the game mechanics in ways that would allow them to leave the level boundaries, and yet rather than filling every corner of every level with invisible walls or death timers, Bungie instead filled the outside areas of their levels with secrets to find.

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