Goha and his donkey summary

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goha and his donkey summary

Goha and His Donkey by Valeri Gorbachev

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Published 02.12.2018

The Miller and his Donkey

Goha, his son, and their donkey

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Goha and His Donkey: An Egyptian Folktale

One day, Joha was riding upon his donkey on the way to market. When the father and son passed a small group of people gathered by the side of the track, the people criticised Joha. How can you ride upon the donkey while your son is forced to walk beside you?

Goha and his son finally decide to carry the donkey together because none of their other attempts to travel without being criticised had been successful. The townspeople once again ridicule them, saying that it is bizarre to carry one's donkey. Goha explains to his son that you can never please everyone with your actions, and so you should just do what you believe is right. The duration of Goha is 1. The conflict of the story is when the teacher cannot find any donkey cart to use in his travel.. In the story of Adam and Eve, God invented the Donkey.


  1. Harley B. says:

    Goha and His Donkey: An Egyptian Folktale

  2. Sagar Z. says:

    The story of MSA gets around! Here it is an Egyptian folktale! It is a pleasure to see the story inculturated in Egypt, with palm trees and Arab garb. The story here .

  3. Xenia L. says:

    Children and Youth in History | Goha Gives His Son a Lesson About People [Joke]

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