Smoke and mirrors no malice

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smoke and mirrors no malice

Smoke and Mirrors by Elly Griffiths

Chilling murder in the world of 1950s theatre – another case for DI Stephens and Max Mephisto.

Brighton, winter 1951.

Pantomime season is in full swing on the pier with Max Mephisto starring in Aladdin, but Max’s headlines have been stolen by the disappearance ’of two local children. When they are found dead in the snow, surrounded by sweets, it’s not long before the press nickname them ‘Hansel and Gretel’.

DI Edgar Stephens has plenty of leads to investigate. The girl, Annie, used to write gruesome plays based on the Grimms’ fairy tales. Does the clue lie in Annie’s unfinished – and rather disturbing – last script? Or might it lie with the eccentric theatricals who have assembled for the pantomime?

For Stan (aka the Great Diablo), who’s also appearing in Aladdin, the case raises more personal memories. Back before the Great War, he witnessed the murder of a young girl while he was starring in another show, an event which has eerie parallels to the current case.

Once again Edgar enlists Max’s help in penetrating the shadowy theatrical world that seems to hold the key. But with both distracted by their own personal problems, neither can afford to miss a trick. For Annie and her friend, time is running out…
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Published 02.12.2018

No Malice x Ab-Live - Smoke Mirrors

No Malice and Ab-Liva – “Smoke & Mirrors” [VIDEO]

Pusha T also makes a cameo in the Shomi Patwary directed visual. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email.

"Smoke & Mirrors" will be featured on both No Malice's upcoming solo project ' Hear Ye Him' & fellow Re-Up member Ab-Liva's 'The Truth Shall.
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Song Lyrics

Tip: wait a moment for suggestions. Top Music Charts. But in the back of your mind, if somewhat you rewind Ever wonder why they continue to let you dine Place a glass ceiling, continue to let you climb Place drugs in the hood and pretendin to let you grind That little job they pretendin to let you find Boxed in, they continue to let you mime That little deal they continue to let you sign My nigga, they spent more on spilled wine I gotta speak to my kind Call me cause both hands on the 9 It's from the heart and it's so sincere in every rhyme I could let the wheel go, the Lord steers every time Shyeah, if no child left behind Black faces on "The First 48" look like mine Yeah, cause when that nigga in a bind The ones in position from my view look like Shyne Damn, and we the culprit in the crimes In the pulpit, niggaz lyin, they just pokin at the lion 'Til my soul start flyin or fryin, I'ma be defiant It's written on the wall like a Mayan [Interlude: No Malice] Y'know, the truth is a funny thing! I mean They say we're living in this hell now Only gets to the core when it melts down Can't speak from the heart, it's not felt now [No Malice] It's of a biblical proportion, what you are witnessing Spiritual abortion, slaughter of innocents Guilty as charged, destruction of a lineage Now pray, Father God, you allow me to repent of it And any crime scene that bear Malice's fingerprint I pitched those keys like a tent, without thinkin Even served our own mommas, without blinkin Walking dead, clueless, no inkling Within a twinkling, seein what I was made of While y'all speculate Clipse break-up Well think it not strange if I'm Abel to his Cain Hell, even Esau had a Jacob, I ain't trippin And what's with all this swag I ain't feelin Gotta get that money, huh? Pop that molly, right?

No Malice. Top Tracks Go prod. Erick Sermon. No Time feat. Jaeson Ma. Hear Ye Him.


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