Are cats and rabbits related

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are cats and rabbits related

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Published 02.12.2018

How I introduced my cat to my rabbit!

What Animals Get Along with Rabbits?

But, for many of us, the answer is neither, because you know that rabbits are the best by a hop, skip and a thump. No muddy boots, frizzy drizzle hair or Tesco bags filled with excrement in your coat pockets. Or both. The RSPCA recommends keeping at least two friendly rabbits together, the best combination being a neutered male and a neutered female. Sure, cats and dogs are usually pretty chuffed about chow but do they show their appreciation for an impending meal by running around their house and generally looking as excited as an 8-year-old on Christmas morning? MORE: 5 things you should consider before getting a pet rabbit.

Your pet's health is our main concern. I have always been amazed at the odd things that arise in the course of my association with rabbits during the thirty-three years that I have practiced veterinary medicine. Growing up in the West Bronx had never afforded me the opportunity to become familiar with these animals, and the thought of someone actually keeping them as pets had never even dawned on me. What put rabbits on my veterinary radar screen was the information about their reproductive physiology. They were induced ovulators, a trait unique to only cats and rabbits. All other species of animals ovulate at a set time during their cycle; the induced ovulators release their eggs only during mating, thus assuring a very high rate of fertilization and reproduction. The facts that the does possess two cervixes and that immediately after mating, the buck stiffens and falls over on his side and remains in a catatonic trance for fifteen seconds, only served to enhance the mystique!

I'm an animal lover but it wasn't until later in life that I got my first rabbit.
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10 Animals You Won't Believe Are Closely Related

Thanks for connecting! You're almost done. Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create a new Cracked username. Thanks to the know-it-all from second grade, we're all aware that dolphins and whales are mammals, not fish. But it's probably been a while since you've pondered just how incredibly, mind-blowingly weird it is that you and whales were the same animal more recently than whales and sharks. Or to put it in chart form, you and whales split up somewhere in the big tangle of bio diversity up top labeled "Age of Mammals" while whales and fish haven't been the same animals since way the hell down

What's Popular? Yes, really. What seems an unlikely combination, given the predator-prey context that first comes to mind, is in fact a common and often rewarding match. The key is to remove that stereotype from your mind and, more importantly, from the environment. In an earlier issue we described some of the friendships that have developed between these two. Now we offer ideas on introducing cats and rabbits in ways that minimize stress for all concerned. The environmental cues would set the instinct in motion.


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