Most clever and sexiest message on t shirt

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most clever and sexiest message on t shirt

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You even have the legal docs. Today, the business t-shirt is still just as practical, offering lots of benefits to companies big or small. These business t-shirt goals will guide your design process by helping you understand why you need a shirt and what you want it to do. Promotional business t-shirts are something you give away for free to keep your brand in the minds of prospective clients and customers. This makes everyone wearing your t-shirt a walking advertisement.

Ever since I stopped eating animals, I've developed a curious new online shopping habit. I tell myself it's because I'm looking for the perfect image to accompany a story about veganism and vegetarianism , but that's just an excuse. In my many hardworking hours browsing Etsy, Pinterest, and even Zazzle, I've found some true gems among the sometimes-preachy vegan and vegetarian tees out there. I've also found awesome vegan fashion companies like Vaute Couture and Herbivore Clothing , who are making some really stylish designs that are not only clever, but also might help you provoke a conversation about eating animals. And that's key here: as any animal rights activist knows, our fashion choices matter as much as what we eat — and in choosing not to wear wool, fur, or leather , many of us are already on the right track to putting our fashion where our beliefs are. But why not take it a step further and wear your veganism or vegetarianism on a clever tee-shirt? It's an easy way to start a conversation with the potential vegetarians around you.

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Check out these major T-shirt fails that will make you cry from laughter! We all have that one dumb friend who was always being rushed to the emergency room in high school — whether he tried to jump off a roof into a pool, or got frustrated during a beer pong match and ended up smashing the table with his hand — we all have had shenanigans that resulted in injuries. This kid, however, at least owns it. You just have to imagine what the doctor in the hospital, and what his parents, thought of his unfortunate shirt choice. Her shirt confuses us though. Basically, it means that our attitude affects our circumstances more than we realize. Think positive and good things will happen.


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