Dungeons and dragons 4th edition

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dungeons and dragons 4th edition

Dungeons & Dragons, 4th Edition Series by Wizards RPG Team

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Published 02.12.2018

Dungeons & Dragons Buyers Guide Part 4 D&D 4th Edition and D&D Essentials

4th Edition

I recently wrote an appreciation of Fourth Edition Dungeons and Dragons. An appreciation. But I was mainly glad to see that most readers were supportive of this edition. Heck, even famed roleplaying talking head Matt Colville has extolled the virtues of Fourth Edition on his YouTube channel. Today, I want to highlight seven of my favorite things to come out of the 4e era. Haters, be warned!

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  1. Bethany B. says:

    7 Things I LOVE About Dungeons and Dragons 4e

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