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law and order uk vice

Law Order: Crime Scenes by Dick Wolf

NBC’s Emmy award-winning hit series Law & Order is television’s longest-running drama. Like the series, Law & Order: Crime Scenes walks a thin line between reality and fantasy, presenting gritty crime scene photographs. Producer Dick Wolf discusses how he came up with the idea for the crime drama and describes each of the years’ main characters, accompanied by pictures. Aficionados will particularly delight in Wolf’s revelations about the characters’ personal lives. A postmortem commentary by photographer Jessica Burstein features thumbnails of the pictures, noting which episode each is from, with anecdotal information, and a brief synopsis of the crime scene.
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"Law & Order: UK" TV Intro

This is the first American drama television series to be adapted for British television, [2] while the episodes are adapted from scripts and episodes of the parent series.
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Law & Order: UK 1.03 “Vice” Review

Two would-be car thieves find a corpse in the backseat, and the responding patrol officers recognize the deceased. Velvet Holdings is a high-class escort service. Her DNA ends up being all over the crime scene, and her lipstick matches the sample taken from the corpse. She also has the money to hire a very expensive lawyer to do battle with Steel and Alesha. Alesha probes deeper into the relationship between victim and suspect. Emma not only confirms the blackmail, but claims that McCallum tried to rape her and she killed him in self-defense.

I wonder if he did actually rape her, although the wife had said he wasn't a rapist that doesn't mean he wasn't and he had form for being violent if he didn't get his own way. I think in this case "once was enough" as far as defending herself the other blows were unnecessary as the first srike probably would of got him off her and knocked him unconcious. Good recap its okay but the original is always the best. Post a Comment. I am really beginning to enjoy the pairing of Brooks and Devlin, especially the colorful colloquialisms that they trade back and forth. Still, the tone set by James Steel Ben Daniels in the courtroom only seems to enhance the underlying tension that one would expect in a criminal trial such as this.

Sign in. Stars on the purple carpet at the Emmys decide which TV show characters would make great superheroes or supervillains , and more. Watch now. The body of ex-vice squad officer Frank McCallum is found in the back of a car. He apparently was killed after oral sex.

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About Episode Guide. Summary A former vice cop is found beaten to death, setting Brooks and Devlin off on an investigation through London's seedy underbelly. The victim's widow and his former boss both seem to know more about the murder than they are letting on - but the trail eventually leads to a respectable children's clothes shop. James Steel Ben Daniels. Alesha Phillips Freema Agyeman.

DS Ronnie Brooks and DS Matt Devlin are assigned to investigate the death of a dead nine-month-old child who was found inside the sports bag in the parking lot of the hospital. The first obvious suspect is child's mother, Dionne Farrah Venetia Campbell , but they learn that she had left the child at home by himself pending the arrival of the babysitter as she was concerned that she would be fired if she was late to work. The sitter was refused entry to the building and the boy was poisoned by carbon monoxide poisoning due to a faulty central heating system from the gas heater in his flat. A fellow tenant, Mike Turner Tony Maudsley , had been bribed by the landlady, Maureen Walters Lorraine Ashbourne , to harass the occupants into leaving so that she can renovate the building for more profitable developers as means for getting higher rent and he is charged with tampering with the heater as means of getting rid of tenants who refused to vacate their homes, and in the process killed the child. However, the case is declared a mistrial when it is claimed that the testimony of the building's French caretaker was wrongly translated. However, the trial gets back on track when the team finds that Mrs. Walters has also been bribing environmental health officers, and Steel persuades Turner to testify against her.

Sign in. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! IMDb More. Ronnie Brooks Jamie Bamber Matt Devlin Harriet Walter Natalie Chandler Ben Daniels


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