Does i am legend have two endings

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does i am legend have two endings

I Am Legend by Richard Matheson


Honestly, this is a tough book to review.

I did like the story, but one of the biggest bothers for me here was not fully understanding why the world has gone to shit & why everyone is now a vampire.

The book just drops you right in the middle of Robert Nevilles situation, which is a day to day existence of killing vampires during the day & hiding in his house during the night.

Im the kind of SF reader who likes a bit of depth to be given to the cause of disaster, and this story largely glosses over the Why?

But Im coming at it from the angle of a reader who has exhausted the zombie/vampire/virus genre. For the time it was written, this probably struck readers in a much different way.

If youre basing your opinion of this book solely off your knowledge of the movie, Id ahead and throw that idea out the window because this book is nothing like the Will Smith, good-guy-out-to-save-humanity, crying-over-his-dog, self-sacrificing version Hollywood has created.

This is much darker.

In fact, I imagine a group of important movie folks came to the conclusion that Mathesons story is pretty nifty, but how about we throw out all the deep, scary conclusions about human nature & amp up the action x1000 & also we need a German Shepherd in there so Smith comes off as even more relatable & wholesome.

Robert Neville is not necessarily squeaky clean protagonist, and that realistic quality of his character is essential to the observations Matheson is making here. By the end, you arent 100% sure what outcome youre rooting for & for me that is one of the most powerful aspects of how the story is told.

But again, Im not sure Im fully on board with the details of why & how Neville has managed to survive for years under these conditions.

Neville has brick- & rock-proofed his home against the vampires that are constantly trying to get in with a reliable supply of garlic. He sound proofs his house, has a gas generator that he keeps running by way of a nearby gas station, and an ungodly amount of alcohol, cigarettes, and wine in his home.

I guess a scenario where all of those things exist in Nevilles possession isnt outlandish but the story itself wasnt long enough to explore any sort of break down of these proofs, and thus it felt a bit unrealistic to me.

Even so, Matheson does well in capturing the absolute lowest levels of human desperation, taking us down deep into the terrifying subconscious of a secluded man on the brink of losing his ability to be compassionate & remember what it means to be human.

The pro here is, if youre curious about this story, its short & will only take a bit of time to consume. If you dont love it, no big loss. If you do, well now you know!

Unfortunately I didnt love it, but I appreciate the concepts here & I definitely enjoyed the last 1/4 a lot more than the first 3/4. Worth a read!

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I Am Legend (10/10) Movie CLIP - Alternate Ending (2007) HD

Alternate Versions

It's all that separates the opening scene showing a doctor announcing one of the biggest medical breakthroughs in history from the zombie apocalypse, which occurs due to a disastrous mutation of that very same breakthrough. With that in mind, what some feel is a confusing ending becomes far more clear when you understand Neville's personal journey. Created by genetically altering measles, the Krippin Virus had promised to be a "miracle cure. Alice Krippin Emma Thompson explained in a television interview, if the body were a highway, the virus was reprogrammed from a "very fast car, driven by a very bad man" to one driven by a police officer—one who cured all cancer-ridden patients during clinical trials. Sadly for the human race, that police officer turned on its citizens. After its initial promise, the reprogrammed virus mutated with catastrophic results. It killed 5.

With millions of dollars on the line, a bad reaction from test audiences can mean those stories end up being told in very different ways. Major changes, including a total overhaul to a movie's ending are nothing, but modern viewers are now privy to what might have been, thanks to all the bonus material released on DVDs within the last 20 years. Filmmakers never planned on letting Julianne Julia Roberts end up with her best friend, Michael Dermot Mulroney , after she tried to sabotage his wedding, but the original script offered the character a slightly happier ending. Originally, Julianne immediately gets another shot at romance when a new man John Corbett approaches her at the wedding, and the film ends with them dancing together. That ending was scrapped after it screened for test audiences, who struggled to empathize with Roberts' character and hated the happy ending.

It's a full, polished ending, with complete special effects intact, so I'm assuming it was ripped from the special features on the imminent DVD. Blogger Adam Katz sent me the link because of the Book Vs. Film column I did on the source material and the four films loosely inspired by it; he thought I might be interested in seeing how the movie originally ended. And it is an interesting spin on the film, I have to admit. Closer to the book in spirit, though not very much so in specifics. But I'm not sure it's really all that much of an improvement.

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Isolated in New York

The story is set in New York City after a virus, which was originally created to cure cancer, has wiped out most of mankind, leaving Neville as the last human in New York, other than nocturnal mutants. Neville is immune to the virus and he works to develop a cure while defending himself against the hostile mutants. Warner Bros. The film was released on December 14, , in the United States and Canada , and opened to the largest ever box office not adjusted for inflation for a non- Christmas film released in the U. In , a genetically re-engineered measles virus , originally created as a cure for cancer , turns lethal. Three years after the outbreak, US Army virologist Lt Col Robert Neville lives an isolated life in the deserted ruins of Manhattan , unsure if any other uninfected humans are left. Neville's daily routine includes experimenting on infected rats to find a cure to the virus, searching for food and supplies, and waiting each day for any immune humans who might respond to his continuous recorded radio broadcasts, which instruct them to meet him at midday at the South Street Seaport.


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