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Published 25.11.2018

Questions and Answers - Maharaj Charan Singh Ji - Volume 2 - RSSB

Gurinder Singh

One day this body will mingle with dust and you will be cast back into the cycle of birth and death . Human beings are infatuated with progress. In every field of action, people calculate . Ceaseless effort to make our life pure and truthful is true prayer . You are a human being.

Grace is the greatest gift the Lord gives to us. Through his grace we are blessed with the opportunity to know him and worship him . One day a Zen master wanted to show his students a new technique of shooting an arrow. He told his students to cover his eyes . Surrender to the Lord seems to be the opposite of what we are told to do in this world. We are encouraged to be independent .

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He can go down into the lowest of low places and find people. He can stand in the highest of high places and see meaning; he is in contact with all beings. That which is not, he travels on. That which moves is what he stands on. Great is small for him, long is short for him, and all distances are near him.

So much for openness and transparency. Here's a comment that was just left on this blog. Has anyone noticed that all the links to the news articles about the Singh brothers saga on RSSB website have been removed This person is correct. The Bloomberg story is gone.

Dear Spiritual Link Subscriber: A decision has been taken at Dera to end the production of the paper printed edition of the Spiritual Link magazine at the end of this year. Spiritual Link will however continue to be published monthly but only in digital format. Starting January , Spiritual Link will be available in digital format on our official website: www. Each month the new issue will be posted on the website which can be viewed online or downloaded and printed. The issues will also be formatted for easy viewing on handheld devices. There will be an archive of back issues that can also be viewed and downloaded at any time. It is intended that all balance funds from pre-paid subscriptions will be put into seva.


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