Yellow brick road financial planning

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yellow brick road financial planning

Yellow Brick Road to Your Financial Security by Mark Bouris

In 2005, Mark Bouris sold his stake in Wizard Home Loans to GE, the worlds largest corporation, becoming a very wealthy man overnight. But like many Baby Boomers, Mark Bouris had no expertise in planning a retirement strategy. I was in my late forties and knew I had to do something about super and retirement. But I knew nothing about it and I didnt know who to ask. Bouris went about finding the best possible way to invest and manage his retirement savings, receiving assistance from some of the top investment professionals in Australia. This guide condenses what he learned into an easy-to-understand format written in plain English. As well as learning that a combination of superannuation, property, and the share market are the building blocks of financial well-being, Bouris discovered that physical and mental health are just as important for people who want to enjoy their retirement. He calls this crucial focus on non-financial success The Fourth Investment. No book by Mark Bouris would be complete without Bouris telling his story of coming from Sydneys Punchbowl and going on to found Wizard Home Loans and become one of Australias most successful entrepreneurs. Included are accounts of his early attempts to make money—the mistakes, successes, speculators, hoarders, gamblers, and investors he encountered along the way.
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Why Fabian started his own business with Yellow Brick Road

Yellow Brick Road is the answer to all of your questions about financial planning, wealth management, and home loans in Australia. Plan your future with YBR!.
Mark Bouris

YellowBrickRoad Financial Advisors Review

When the Coalition government backflipped on adopting the banking royal commission's recommendation to ban mortgage broker commissions, Scott Morrison's celebrity friend, Yellow Brick Road founder Mark Bouris, was quick to claim credit for successfully lobbying the Prime Minister. Yet what the home loan entrepreneur didn't fully divulge was that Yellow Brick Road was struggling and that without Morrison's lifeline the ASX-listed firm would have been in more financial strife. Mark Bouris is trying to revive mortgage broker Yellow Brick Road. Alex Ellinghausen. Yet if Bouris fails to seal the securitisation funding deal with the US hedge fund, YBR could be under renewed financial pressure.

YellowBrickRoad Financial Advisors Background

How do you envisage your life? Together, we will use those goals to help guide you towards savvy financial decisions. A financial plan is like a road map. You have a destination, choose a route that suits you and then hit the road. Then, if personal circumstances change or external factors knock you off track like a GFC , your financial planner helps put you back on track so that you reach your destination on time. That's how it works - now let's get started. The information presented is general in nature and does not take into account your personal goals and objectives.


  1. Mickey R. says:

    YellowBrickRoad Financial Advisors has provided deeply personalized financial planning services to clients in the San Francisco CA area for over 25 years.

  2. Charles D. says:

    I started Yellow Brick Road as a wealth management company with the goal to give all Australians access to affordable home loans and quality financial advice.

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