Short story about drinking alcohol

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short story about drinking alcohol

Drinking: A Love Story by Caroline Knapp

The roots of alcoholism in the life of a brilliant daughter of an upper-class family are explored in this stylistic, literary memoir of drinking by a Massachusetts journalist.

Caroline Knapp describes how the distorted world of her well-to-do parents pushed her toward anorexia and alcoholism. Fittingly, it was literature that saved her: she found inspiration in Pete Hamills A Drinking Life and sobered up. Her tale is spiced up with the characters she has known along the way.

A journalist describes her twenty years as a functioning alcoholic, explaining how she used alcohol to escape personal relationships and the realities of life until a series of personal crises forced her to confront her problem.
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"ALCOHOLIC" - A Dramatic Short Film

One Student’s Story About Alcohol Addiction Brings Hope to Youth

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“Alcoholic Dependency: Causes and Effects” – Short Story by Jean Lee. April 24 Who knows what the kids are doing while she is drinking?”.
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Please, now, will you? Come on — give me the bottle. Come on. If you do like that a-way — then what are you going to be like when you go home. All right, drink your fool self to death. She had no business there, she thought, no business trying to help him.

At 8 years old, I stared out the second-floor window of our apartment. Children my age played on the playground. The windowpane was warm. The sky was clear. I remember this day now as sharp as the edge of a knife because in that moment, I wanted to die. By this time in my life, I had been abused by my family—sexually and emotionally—for as long as I could remember.

I just gave in because it was easier to join the crowd. I went out less and less, so started losing friends. The more lonely I got, the more I drank. I was violent and out of control. I never knew what I was doing. I was ripping my family apart.


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