The frightening truth about the future of driverless cars

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the frightening truth about the future of driverless cars

Burden Of Freedom: Discover the Keys to Your Individual and National Freedom by Myles Munroe

The Burden Of Freedom explains that too many people use past oppression to remain mired in hatred and irresponsibility today. The spirit of oppression has specific telltale effects on individuals, communities, and nations. These are identified by Myles Munroe as a hatred for work, laziness, fear, low self-esteem, selfishness, lack of creativity, low initiative, and distrust of those in authority. To break free from these self-replicating cycles of oppression there must be a mental transformation. Paradoxically, freedom requires the need to impose control on self, require more responsibility than slavery, and the decision to accept a destiny of freedom, recognizing the process and discipline that personal and political freedom require. Simply put, The Burden Of Freedom should be available to every citizen and on the shelves of every high-school, college, and community library in the country.
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Published 24.11.2018

The future of self-driving cars

You've surely heard that self-driving cars are the next science fiction technology to become reality. You might have even read some pros and.
Myles Munroe

The Driverless Car Debate: How Safe Are Autonomous Vehicles?

In a future with self driving cars, pedestrians would wait in gated pens until they were allowed to cross the street. People wealthy enough to buy self-driving cars get their own special lanes in crowded cities. Even auto industry representatives are apparently worried this new technology will totally wreck cities. In other words, these guys are planning to totally redesign cities around self-driving cars. Companies like Ford have pushed these kinds of grandiose visions before see above photo.

The Feeling Of Exasperation While Waiting On Traffic Is A Sensation Known By Many Drivers Essay

Wadhwa chooses the Google car as the symbol of his excellent and wide-ranging review of our responses to accelerating technological change. This book teaches readers to evaluate the potential impact of any new technology by asking three simple questions. According to Vivek Wadhwa , it is up to everyone to choose how technology moves forward. Will our future be Star Wars or Mad Max? If we simply let change happen, we may give our vote to the dark side, which will steal our privacy and control everything by default. A computer beats the reigning human champion of Go, a game harder than chess.


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