God doesn t care about you

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god doesn t care about you

Quote by Jeffrey R. Holland: “God doesnt care nearly as much about where you...”

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Published 24.11.2018

Proof God DOESN'T love you

When God Doesn’t Care About You

Illl never know who, out of 7. I can only hit my knees and pray that God helps them. Sometimes we must sweep aside the gilded smile on our faces and face what our hearts are really believing. That applies to singleness. Only the lonely understand. And that only makes them lonelier. Psalm

Does God care for me? In fact, I think there are a number of powerful reasons that can be advanced against the claim that God cares for you and me. In this post, I want to consider those reasons. I want to state them and put them under scrutiny. And in my next post, I want to consider the positive case for God. That is, I want to explore the reasons for thinking God does in fact care for me.

E ver had a season where it seems one bad thing after another keeps happening? Is He there? Why is He letting it all spin out of control? We can start to wonder if God understands suffering at all. What symbol would instantly identify a person as a Christian across the globe? A clue that God himself understands sorrow in a very deep way. He understands evil in a deeper way than you and I will ever know.

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Only having so many slicers., All my life I felt like I am nothing and nobody wants me.

And in those valleys, the struggle is real. Sometimes in long seasons of suffering, it can feel like God is silent and far away. And you find yourself wondering, Does He see? Does He even care? At times it seems unfair.

God doesn't care about you. God doesn't care who wins the college football national championship or American Idol. He doesn't care whose house is spared from a tornado or whose city gets flooded by a hurricane. Maybe God once gave a lewd look to Mother Teresa after a few glasses of Manischewitz, but that's it. God doesn't care about countries or peoples. We know this because all nations and peoples have claimed to be God's people, but God has not offered an official endorsement on any of the major networks. Until that happens, I say He's holding out for better candidates.

Are you anything like me? When we hit the wall of faith, what tumbles down, often, is not the actions of our faith. In fact, sometimes, we can resurrect those even higher, wider and more diligently. But, many times, what tumbles is our underlying belief about God. Our trust of him. Our stronghold in him.


  1. Ayelen E. says:

    O Love that will not let me go, I rest my weary soul in thee, I give thee back the life I owe, That in thine ocean depths its flow May richer, fuller, be.

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