Books about talking too much

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books about talking too much

Books similar to Talk Less, Say More: 3 Habits to Influence Others and Make Things Happen

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Books similar to Talk Less, Say More: 3 Habits to Influence Others and Make Things Happen

You probably talk too much. And there is a good reason for that. Science says that humans, being social animals, are programmed to use communication as a vital tool to survive and thrive. The reason, researchers found, was that it just feels good. So much so that Harvard psychologists discovered that individuals were willing to give up money for the opportunity to disclose information about themselves. Unfortunately, this propensity to pontificate is at odds with our collectively dwindling attention spans, which have been measured between as many as 59 seconds , to as few as eight seconds , thanks to a barrage of information from both verbal and digital sources. That means staying quiet half the time, a tough, but influential, tool for business.

This is my book guide specifically for how to make conversation. Author: Alan Garner. This is one of the cult classics — together with How to Win Friends — and has over 1 million copies sold. The language is a bit old the book was published but the strategies are great. Author: Mortimer J. Another old-school book, this one from This is NOT an affiliate link.

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You may not even realize that the other person is politely trying to get a word in, or subtly signaling that they need to be elsewhere possibly, anywhere else if you have been really boring. There are three stages of speaking to other people. But then you unconsciously discover that the more you talk, the more you feel relief. Ahh, so wonderful and tension-relieving for you… but not so much fun for the receiver. The third stage occurs after you have lost track of what you were saying and begin to realize you might need to reel the other person back in. If during the third stage of this monologue poorly disguised as a conversation you unconsciously sense that the other person is getting a bit fidgety, guess what happens then?

Whether you think of yourself as Chatty Charlie, Reserved Rebecca or someone in between, chances are you have experienced the power of saying more with less. If you've ever worked in an office where someone stage-whispered "layoffs are coming" across the cubicle farm, you've felt the panic that rises from three words. You may have made a thoughtful, impassioned pitch to an investor who responded, "I'll pass," and the impact of those two words still sting today. Or you may still be celebrating a recent "you're hired! If Rudyard Kipling was correct that "Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind," then many of us are addicted. And most of us, regardless of gender, do more telling, advising, convincing, explaining, directing, and divulging than we should.



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