What is event horizon about

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what is event horizon about

Event Horizon by Steven E. McDonald

2046 A.D.: Seven years ago an experimental space vessel disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Now the ship has been found orbiting Neptune. When a salvage team is sent to investigate, they encounter the ultimate horror that lurks behind the Event Horizon. Paramounts major motion picture will be released in August and stars Sam Neill, Laurence Fishburne, Kathleen Quinlan, Richard T. Jones and Joely Richardson.
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What’s Inside a Black Hole? - Past the Event Horizon

What Exactly Is a Black Hole Event Horizon (and What Happens There)?

Adam Wingard is set to executive produce and direct the potential series. Gordon and Levin both produced the film. The film was directed by Paul W. Anderson and written by Philip Eisner. The titled referred to a spaceship that disappeared after testing an experimental gravity drive capable of creating an artificial black hole that was meant to allow the ship to travel to distant points in the galaxy. It starred Laurence Fishburne as the captain of the rescue ship with Sam Neill playing the inventor of the gravity drive. Every season of the Fox musical family drama has ended with a cliffhanger to tease the turmoil that awaits upon the [

The basic structure of a black hole consists of a singularity hidden by an event horizon. Within the event horizon, the escape speed v esc exceeds the speed of the light c and an object is trapped forever. In other words, the escape velocity for an object within the event horizon exceeds the speed of light. The name arises since it is impossible to observe any event taking place inside it — it is a horizon beyond which we cannot see. The event horizon therefore effectively hides the singularity at the centre of the black hole, a boon for astrophysicts discomforted by the breakdown of the laws of physics at such a point. The cosmic censorship conjecture states that all singularities are hidden by an event horizon and this failure of the laws of physics is not observable.

On Wednesday April 10 , the international Event Horizon Telescope project will release the first results from its plan to image black holes. But what exactly is an event horizon? The event horizon of a black hole is linked to the object's escape velocity — the speed that one would need to exceed to escape the black hole's gravitational pull. The closer someone came to a black hole, the greater the speed they would need to escape that massive gravity. The event horizon is the threshold around the black hole where the escape velocity surpasses the speed of light. According to Einstein's theory of special relativity , nothing can travel faster through space than the speed of light. This means a black hole's event horizon is essentially the point from which nothing can return.

Event Horizon

Event Horizon is a science fiction supernatural horror film directed by Paul W. Anderson and written by Philip Eisner. Set in , it follows a crew of astronauts sent on a rescue mission after a missing spaceship, the Event Horizon , spontaneously appears in orbit around Neptune. Searching the ship for signs of life, the rescue crew learns that the Event Horizon was a test bed for an experimental engine that opened a rift in the space time continuum and left our universe entirely, allowing a malevolent entity to possess the ship. The film had a troubled production history, with filming and editing rushed by Paramount when it became clear that Titanic would not meet its projected release date.

In astrophysics, an event horizon is a boundary beyond which events cannot affect an observer on the opposite side of it. An event horizon is most commonly associated with black holes , where gravitational forces are so strong that light cannot escape. Any object approaching the horizon from the observer's side appears to slow down and never quite pass through the horizon, [1] with its image becoming more and more redshifted as time elapses. This means that the wavelength of the light emitted from the object is getting longer as the object moves away from the observer. Later, in , a strict definition was introduced by David Finkelstein as a boundary beyond which events cannot affect any outside observer at all, encompassing other scenarios than black holes.

Event Horizon is a science fiction horror movie directed by Paul W. Anderson starring Laurence Fishburne and Sam Neill. In recent years though, in a similar fashion to Blade Runner and John Carpenter's The Thing , it has come to be regarded as a unique contribution to the sci-fi genre with positive contemporary reviews. In the near future, humanity has successfully colonized the Moon and other planets in the solar system and is venturing deeper into space, but it still has not achieved faster than light spacecrafts. In the year a group of astronauts of the rescue vessel "Lewis and Clark" are sent to investigate and salvage the long lost starship "Event Horizon" with the help of its designer Dr. William Neir.


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