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non fiction books about nuns

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8 LIFE CHANGING BOOKS FOR FALL - Fiction + Nonfiction - Book Club #2 - Renee Amberg

With her jewels, lapdogs and courtly airs, the nun to whom we are introduced in The Canterbury Tales is no unworldly religious enthusiast. Fastidious and "coy", she weeps at a mouse caught in a trap, but tells a cruel antisemitic tale. The heroine of Measure for Measure is about to enter the convent of St Clare, and worrying that the sisterhood's rules might not be strict enough.
Teresa of Avila

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Imagine getting up every morning in winter at 5. Imagine having to wash in icy water in the Siberian chill of a communal bathroom. And imagine if the daily routine that followed was often monotonous in the extreme. The whole thing was a stress on manual work, sure we killed ourselves waxing and polishing and nothing in the way of books that would educate us. No way could we read anything. I don't know how we escaped at all, how we're half-normal. But the thing I felt most was the cold, the awful cold.

Who run the world? Award-winning journalist Jo Piazza thinks that answer should be nuns! In her latest nonfiction work, If Nuns Ruled the World , Piazza explores the lives of ten sisters who are actively changing the world for the better. Defying outdated stereotypes, these nuns travel the country protesting restrictive healthcare, breaking into nuclear weapons facilities, and even defying the Catholic Church by welcoming gay and lesbian believers. To celebrate the book's release, we asked Piazza about her own favorite fictional nuns.

I never get puns so when one comes to me I get all excited. I mentioned in that post the appeal of the closed religious community for writers. Then I began to tot up the number of nun books I had read and there were a round dozen on my shelves.
why did they call walter payton sweetness

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As the film Philomena heads into awards season, draped with nominations for Oscars and Baftas, you might think nuns are having a bad PR moment. Both these are fictionalised versions of real stories, and they are just the tip of the iceberg: there are large numbers of nuns in books surely higher than their incidence in the real-life population with nearly all the descriptions coming from women authors, though there are a few good men below. Strangely, I made the same point about flat-sharing in books is it something to do with women and single-sex groups? Muriel Spark liked her nuns one of the main characters in The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie ends up as Sister Helena, and there is a Marxist Church of England convent in Symposium : in one splendid scene the haloes on the figures in a mural are revealed as the fur hats of Lenin and friends. The Abbess of Crewe is wholly set in a convent, but is well known to be a satire on the Watergate scandal. And that demonstrates a key feature of convents, fictional or otherwise they are not actually mysterious hotbeds of unknowable religious transcendence or wickedness. They are communities like any other, with secrets, dramas and troublesome elections.

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    When Wall Street Journal reporter Fialka set out to tell the story of America's Catholic nuns, he knew he faced a daunting challenge.

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