Something about mary credits song

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something about mary credits song

Confessions of a Heartbreaker by Jennifer Sucevic

For high school senior, Parker Montgomery, life is pretty damn awesome. With his good looks and easy charm, girls have always fallen right into his lap. Which FYI- is precisely where he likes them. Sure, it can be something of a curse, but its one he thoroughly enjoys taking advantage of. And he can always rely on his best friend, Max, to have his back. A little added side bonus to that friendship- Parker is continually reminded by Maxs rollercoaster of a relationship (the guy was, after all, stabbed with a spork) just as to why he has absolutely zero interest in being tied down. Parkers idea of a long term commitment consists of a few pleasant hours spent fooling around in a dark room. And then theres football. Yep, he pretty much lives and breathes it.

Unfortunately for Parker, life is just about to nosedive before exploding into a fiery ball of flames because senior literature isnt going so well for him. And his teacher, Ms. Fisk (whom he not-so-lovingly refers to as an old bat) has called his parents to set him up with a tutor. With an ultimatum between raising his grade or sitting out for the season, Parker has no other choice but to begrudgingly meet with a tutor three times a week. Now throw in a girl who thinks hes nothing more than a walking STD and Parker suddenly finds himself doing all the chasing. If that wasnt enough to make him feel as if the world hasnt totally fallen off its axis, this girl has relegated him to some strange realm called the friend zone. And hes pretty sure she doesnt mean friends-with-benefits either...

Is it possible that Parker Montgomery has finally found the one girl worth changing for? Will he somehow be able to prove to her that even a man-whore like himself can be reformed?

This is a Mature Young Adult Novel
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Build Me Up Buttercup


It received generally positive reviews from critics who praised it's humour and Diaz's titular performance. It is placed 27th in the American Film Institute 's Years, Laughs: America's Funniest Movies , a list of the funniest movies of the 20th century. In , readers of Total Film magazine voted it the fourth-greatest comedy film of all time. She also received a Golden Globe nomination for her performance. In , year-old high school student Ted Stroehmann is about to go on a prom date with his dream girl Mary Jensen when he gets his scrotum stuck in a zipper. He is hospitalized when it bleeds after being unzipped, which cancels their date. Ted subsequently loses contact with Mary.

For all of its vulgarity, There's Something About Mary was sweet and cheerful, due in no small part to Jonathan Richman 's terrific, heartfelt appearances as the film's chorus. They were funny and warm, like the movie itself, and they form the core of the film's soundtrack, which is also a delight. Besides, anyone who has seen the film will not be able to resist a smile with the closing "Build Me Up Buttercup," which became the improbable theme to this brilliant comedy. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. Blues Classical Country. Electronic Folk International.

The brothers later became comedy icons on the back of Dumb and Dumber and Kingpin , returning continuously to their New England roots in their work. When it came time for their third film, the duo rewrote from a script by Ed Decter and John J. The next step was to get Richman himself on board. A theme song! The process of the filming was as full of as many twists, turns, and laughs as the movie itself. But during the filming process, the Farrellys decided to have him dodge the bullet, instead offing Richman.

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