Poems for kids about school

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poems for kids about school

If Kids Ruled the School: Kids Favorite Funny School Poems by Bruce Lansky

If Kids Ruled the School contains 50 giggle-inducing poems about school, covering everything from homework and tests to school lunches and detention. The book contains poems by Jack Prelutsky, Bruce Lansky, Kenn Nesbitt, Brod Baggert, Linda Knaus, Ted Sheu and Dave Crawley. The poems have been tested (and enjoyed) by a panel of more than 1,000 elementary school children. iParenting Media Awards Back to School 2004 Winner: Poetry

If you’ve ever tried to convince Mom and Dad that the F on your report card stands for “fabulous,” this hilarious collection of school poems is for you! In the tradition of the popular anthology No More Homework! No More Tests!, this book covers wild and wacky school topics, like bringing skunks to show-and-tell, falling asleep at your desk, and ripping your pants on the playground. The big-timers of children’s poetry have converged on the pages of this book to deliver the very best in school poetry. Just ask the hundreds of elementary-school students who helped Bruce Lansky handpick these poems: Each poem is guaranteed to make you giggle, grin, and/or guffaw!
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School Chale Hum - I Love My School - Hindi Rhymes for Children by Jugnu Kids

School, Welcome, Back to School

Elementary Resources Links Submit About. We've joined together as classmates as the new year begins A year full of learning while we become friends. We'll share and be kind as we work and play. And our friendship will grow with each passing day. I wonder if my drawing will be as good as theirs I wonder if they'll like me, or just be full of stares I wonder if my teacher will look like mom or gram And I wonder if my puppy will wonder where I am. On my back a pack I carry In it, all my treasures.

We had to have a page dedicated to some great school poems for kids. As always we will continue to add more classroom related poetry. If you know of other school or classroom poems for kids that you feel would be a great addition here, please contact us and let us know. Rainy Day Poems. Search this site. ABC Kids Games.

Using Back to School Poems

A short, clear poem with a positive message about not harming anything, even creepy-crawlies! Hurt no living thing: Ladybird, nor butterfly, Nor moth with dusty wing, Nor cricket chirping cheerily, Nor grasshopper so light of leap, Nor dancing gnat, nor beetle fat, Nor harmless worms that creep. This is a poem that your child might recognise from the traditional children's song. As well as having a fun story, it offers a good way into discussing how poems are like songs and how they are different — how do the sounds in this poem create their own music? Poor old lady, she swallowed a fly.


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    Poetry about school helps kids deal with their school experience.

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