Book about the golden state serial killer

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book about the golden state serial killer

The Case of the Golden State Killer by Michael Morford

In 1976, a serial rapist terrorized Sacramento County in California. The masked predator made his way into the homes of his unsuspecting victims, leaving a trail of devastation and destruction behind him. He moved on to other areas in Northern California, and then onward to Southern California where he sank to an all new level of depravity, and his evil urges drove him to murder; again, and again.

In Northern California, he was known as the East Area Rapist. In Southern California, he was called the Original Night Stalker. When his crimes all over California were finally connected, he would become known as the Golden State Killer, and by 1986, he had racked up a staggering tally of over 100 home break-ins or burglaries, 50 or more rapes, and at least 12 murders.

On the heels of their wildly popular 2017 Season One podcast series on the Zodiac killer, veteran podcaster Mike Morford, and true crime research/blogger Mike Ferguson, the hosts of true crime podcast Criminology teamed again in Spring 2018 to unmask this killer in a story that spans more than 40 years. Joined by the investigators who hunted him, the witnesses who saw him, and the survivors who lived to tell their stories, Criminology Season Two: The Case of the Golden State Killer examines the story of the most prolific serial rapist and murderer in American history.

Now, Criminology True Crime Podcast presents Season One: The Case of the Zodiac Killer based on the podcast with additional commentary, photographs and documents is available in digital and print book formats.

About the authors:

Mike Ferguson hosts and produces several popular true crime podcasts through his media company Emash Digital. These podcasts include Criminology, True Crime All The Time, and True Crime All The Time Unsolved.

In addition to being a co-host of Criminology podcast, Mike Morford is a true crime researcher, consultant, blogger, and victims advocate.
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The Golden State Killer - What Do We Know About Him? Californian Serial Killer

Today, 40 years after he began killing, police made an arrest.
Michael Morford

How one mother’s quest to catch Golden State Killer became her obsession

F or at least a decade between and , a psychopath stalked California. He targeted bungalows in middle-class neighbourhoods stretching from Sacramento in the north to Dana Point, nearly miles to the south. He wore a mask. He was white, probably in his late teens or 20s, wore size nine shoes and had type A blood. He sometimes stuttered, and sometimes cried after attacking his victims. He had a small penis.

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Former police officer Joseph James DeAngelo, 72, who has been living in the Sacramento area, is now in custody. McNamara, who became obsessed with the case and spent years gathering research and other investigative materials, died suddenly at the age of 46 before the book was finished. Oswalt tweeted on Wednesday morning that he hoped to visit the suspect, if only to ask the unanswered questions McNamara left behind at the time of her death. McNamara posed some of those questions herself in her direct address to the serial killer, which appears at the end of the book. Erin Bartnett is the associate editor of Recommended Reading, fiction editor of American Chordata, and reader everywhere else. Kassandra Montag, author of "After The Flood," recommends books about violation, betrayal, and justice. In "Savage Appetites," journalist Rachel Monroe delves into four very different women and their obsession with true crime.


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