Questions to ask a medium about deceased

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questions to ask a medium about deceased

Do Dead People Watch You Shower?: And Other Questions Youve Been All but Dying to Ask a Medium by Concetta Bertoldi

Medium Concetta Bertoldi answers all your questions about life after life

. . . from the irreverent:
(If the dead are always with us, do they have a XXX view of my bedroom?)

. . . to the poignant:
(Will my deceased father be with me when I walk down the aisle on my wedding day?)

. . . to the heartfelt:
(When loved ones leave this life too early or under tragic circumstances, are they eternally heartbroken or can they find peace in heaven?)

Concetta Bertoldi has been communicating with the Other Side since childhood. In Do Dead People Watch You Shower?, the first-ever book of its kind, she exposes the naked truth about the fate and happiness of our late loved ones with no-holds-barred honesty and delightfully wry humor, answering questions that range from the practical to the outrageous. In addition she shares with us her own intimate secrets, revealing with refreshing candor how her miraculous gift has affected her life, her marriage, her friendships, and her career, as well as the myriad ways she has used it to help others.
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'Long Island Medium' Theresa Caputo on Connecting With Lost Loved Ones

I hope this will clarify some things that are often brought up by my sitters clients. When you provide all those details then the medium has to get other information from the deceased in order to provide validation. In my personal experience, the deceased like to tell me how they died and what relation they had to my sitter.
Concetta Bertoldi

5 Things to Do Before Visiting a Psychic Medium

If loved ones have died, how do they communicate with you? Spirit has a high energy frequency, while our human energy is lower, so when I channel, our collective consciousness has to meet in the middle. Can I learn how to communicate with Spirit? Most instincts and gut feelings come from Spirit, like guides and angels. Intuitive thoughts also come from your higher self, which is another way of saying, the most enlightened part of your soul that is closely connected to God. Either way, all intuition is guided and meaningful. Now do I think everyone is a medium?

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If you want to communicate with loved ones that have passed, a psychic medium can help you. Mediums contact people who have died and ask them questions. Then, the answers are relayed back to you. Make sure you go to your psychic with a list of questions already written out. You can ask anything you want, but here are five revealing questions you may want to consider. One of the biggest mysteries about dying is what it feels like. You can ask your deceased loved ones if they experienced pain or if dying was a major relief.

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In a world full of uncertainty, many people look to psychics and mediums for answers to burning questions about their lives and the people in them. Debra Katz , a psychic and social worker in Los Angeles, told HuffPost that most of the questions she receives from clients have to do with relationships. This is, hands-down, the No. As a professional psychic, I am often the person folks turn to for guidance in the who, what and where of romance. Sowande Mustakeem , a psychic medium, numerologist and African-American studies professor at Washington University in St. Louis, said she asks her clients to be very intentional about what they would want this potential partner to be like.


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