Chapter book series about animals

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chapter book series about animals

Popular Animal Chapter Books Shelf

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Published 22.11.2018

Party Animal (Junie B. Jones)

Popular Animal Chapter Books Shelf

The plight of animals, from homeless cats and dogs to wild animals losing their wilderness, inspires profound empathy in people of all ages. These stories will inspire the animal lover in your life to extend their compassion to the animal kingdom. You may also enjoy titles from our related collection: Picture Books for Animal Lovers. Discuss the many wordless ways animals show their feelings -- pain, hunger, excitement, loneliness. Ask your children how those emotions and responses are similar to their own. How do you feel about animals living in zoos?


MY FAMILY & OTHER ANIMALS read by Gerald Harper

There's a debate currently going on in my house about which animal we should choose as a new pet. My daughters have been making lists of possibilities, including the pros and cons and even what they think the costs will be for each. They're truly animal-lovers, and if they had their way, our home would be a filled with pets As the pet debate continues and we get no closer to an agreement or final decision, I think a book or two about animals could be just the solution. Here are seven animal-themed chapter books for independent readers that you might like to introduce to the animal-lover in your family.

My daughter is obsessed with animals. She wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up. When we go to the library, she loves to pick up books that are about animals. Frisby is a widowed mouse with four children. She finds herself with a dilemma when her youngest mouse gets sick at the same time the family needs to move to their summer home to stay safe.

I am hopeful that it will be of great use to parents with children in the age range. However, some of the books are great for 5 year olds, who are early readers, too. I also have a list of tips to find early chapter books and. Many of those books are appropriate here, but I am avoiding too much duplication between the lists. The following early chapter books either have animals as the main narrative characters, or have a strong animal theme.


  1. Vachel L. says:

    Emerging readers love books that feature cute, cuddly, and happy animals. These nine chapter books will fill the demands of critter-loving kids.

  2. Nazareno R. says:

    This list of the best chapter books about animals is sure to include a new favorite for the voracious young reader in your life!.

  3. Garland R. says:

    Anything furry and fuzzy that begs to be snuggled is high on the list of favorites for girls and boys this age.

  4. Toni G. says:

    Whether your children love dogs, ponies, or magical creatures like unicorns, never fear!

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