Quotes about arrogance in islam

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quotes about arrogance in islam

Arrogance Quotes (625 quotes)

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Published 21.11.2018

Allah does not Love the Arrogant -- Powerful Islamic Video ??

Pride, arrogance and self-admiration - I

Shaykh Ansari has also verified the authenticity of this tradition in Makasib. The one who considers himself to be the best wants others to know that he is the best. Who now can remain safe from Allah after Shaitan by committing a similar disobedience? None at all. Allah, the Glorified, cannot let a human being enter Paradise if he does the same thing for which Allah turned out from it an angel. His command for the inhabitants in the sky and of the earth is the same.

But it is a great irony of the human soul that when we become more humble and submissive to Allah, we fall into a grave trap. We tend to grow in arrogance because we feel our level of submission is better than that of others. It was this same trap that Satan fell into. Once upon a time, Iblis Satan was so pious that he was allowed to worship with the angels. In one twist of events, Iblis was cast out and became the accursed. So when I have fashioned him and breathed into him his soul created by Me, then you fall down prostrate to him….

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Arrogance or Pride is the blamable characteristic of a person that Allah Almighty disliked the most. Arrogance is the feature of Iblees and his followers in this world. According to the Holy Quran arrogance pride is the sin that will be severely punished by Allah Almighty. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW said that pride is the disease which is the greatest sin in the sight of Allah Almighty; one who is proud is arrogant. People who are arrogant will not enter paradise. Arrogance or pride is when an individual thinks too deeply about himself, and when he tends, moreover, to consider others as inferior to him, that is arrogance or pride.


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    Quotes about arrogance and pride in Islam. Arrogance is to think low of others and consider oneself above them. Arrogance corrupts a person's soul and his.

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