3 facts about paul revere

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3 facts about paul revere

And Then What Happened, Paul Revere? by Jean Fritz

I remember having to read And Then What Happened Paul Revere? by Jean Fritz when I was in elementary school. It was one of a number of books we had to read when we were learning about Revere and his contemporaries. While the book did teach me a great deal about the life of Revere I found its saccharine cheerfulness to be unsettling especially at times when the book is covering the number of deaths in the revere family (especially those of Reveres young siblings, many of whom died as children or infants).

Now as an adult going back and rereading this book I found the disjoint between the serious subject matter and the almost comic book style of art unnerving. History books can be interesting to children without having them always completely upbeat. Paul Revere was an important historical figure but he is not a superhero!
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The True Story of the Midnight Ride of Paul Revere

10 Things You May Not Know About Paul Revere

Here are 11 little-known facts about the Founding Father. He was born in Riocaud in , but with time he lost most of his connection to France—he could not read or write the language. The Frenchman later changed his name to Paul Revere, "on account that the Bumpkins pronounce it easier. When he was around fifteen, Revere would ring the bells at the Eight Bell Church near his home. They drafted a document that detailed the rules and guidelines for membership.

30 Fascinating And Interesting Facts About Paul Revere

His father, Apollos Rivoire later changed to Revere , was a Huguenot refugee who had come to Boston as a child and had been apprenticed to a silversmith. - Paul Revere.

View All Announcements. Although Revere originated from the middling sort, through his membership in St. Andrews Lodge of Freemasons, he made connections with a number of people who later became the founding members of the Loyal Nine. While he was not known for exceptional oratory, he was a master of propaganda, and his works helped the Sons of Liberty galvanize support for their dissident cause. Boston Public Library.


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    PAUL REVERE - over 15 key facts

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    Paul Revere - Famous Ride, Life & Family - Biography

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    Paul Revere was an American silversmith, engraver, early industrialist, and Patriot in the American Revolution.

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