Who sang thinking about you

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who sang thinking about you

Last Night I Sang to the Monster Quotes by Benjamin Alire Saenz

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Hardwell feat. Jay Sean - Thinking About You (Official Music Video)

Who Sang It Best? "I Can't Make You Love Me"

Well this is where our site visitors come in. On this page, site visitors can submit song descriptions as well as singer and band descriptions and then other site visitors can submit answers for the songs they know! You will be able to submit your song question further down below. So describe as much as you can! Also, check out the other song submissions.

Go to Songsear. Hi, I'm looking for a pop song by a female singer. It has a calmer vibe and a word "people" is singed multiple times with a pause each time. Looking for a song that was out between and and it went "something, something, something Female signing it Your description of video makes me think of a video from the 80s by "Wham" and also one from bon jovi? Had a video that started out black n white and the they seem to morph in and out of real n surreal.

It was released in as the lead single from In the Blood. Dave Sholin from the Gavin Report wrote about the song: "It's always a treat when a song comes along that I can't wait to review. Impossible not to detect a Fine Young Cannibals influence on this production that's been the biggest buzz record for the past couple of weeks. An international smash that's gone to 1 in no less than eleven countries, it's destined to win over audiences in the U. Top 40 radio is in dire need of more music like this! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Martyn Phillips.

"Who Sang It Best?": Here's How It Works

Here's a list of songs whose meanings we completely miss because we either don't listen to lyrics properly or we just take the song at face value, ignoring any origins or intent of the artist. Or we just don't even realize what the lyrics really are.

Lee Ann Womack has a catalog full of unapologetic lyrics. Lee Ann Womack, who turns 50 today August 19th , has built her career on Harlan Howard's famous definition of country music: "three chords and the truth. She's at times sentimental and nurturing, other times sinful and daring, and most all the time singing things we've thought in our heads at one point or another. In honor of Womack's milestone birthday, we present the 13 times she sang what we were perhaps too timid to say out loud. Green may not be a great color on some of us, but Womack copping to the jealousy that gets the best of her in this sassy, sarcastic tune demonstrates a lot more maturity than blacking out her ex's new girlfriend's picture with black marker. One wonders if Womack was tempted to the same action with pictures of Kenny Chesney, whose chart-topping "How Forever Feels" kept this at the Number Two chart spot for four straight weeks.

That which does not fit elsewhere. Please remember the community rules when posting and try to be polite and inclusive. Da Dip was in the song I'm looking for came out sometime between 2. The Song has a slow intro with possibly fading beeps like the ones in the intro to Please Don't Go by Double You and a man talking or rapping not quite sure what to call or if i Evan remember the intro correctly. Besides all the dip dip dip dip dip through out the track i also remember the words bunny or bunnies but i was a little kid at the time and could have had that wrong i think she might have been saying honey or money but don't rule out bunny because i was very convinced that is what she way saying when i last heard it as a kid and she at a point in the song she says something like bunny aah baby darling 5.


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