Fun facts about venus for kids

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fun facts about venus for kids

Venus - Space Books for Kids. Early Reader Venus Facts, Pictures & Video Links. by IP Factly

IP Factly presents... VENUS! one of our Early Reader Space Books for Kids. Including amazing facts, photos, a question & answer section and even a video page.
Aimed mainly at the 8 and under age range, its a fun and fascinating way for guided readers as well as early readers to find out more about Venus and space in general.
Space books for kids by IP Factly have been #1 kindle bestsellers because they present information in a fun and entertaining way - mixing facts, photos and video clips.
IP Factlys space books for children have been designed to encourage and help guided reading - a vital step to independent reading and learning.

Accompanying webpage with video clips
This book provides fact after fact for information hungry children to tell family and friends, and even has an accompanying webpage with video clips explaining more about the information in the book.

It makes learning fun and gives a real reason for children to want to read by themselves. Kids will love discovering new facts to share and enjoy.

The IP Factlys Early Reader range encourages children along the path to truly independent reading and learning.
See for yourself by clicking on the front cover to look inside the book.

This book is great for both children that are read to and for guided readers.

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There is even a True or False section at the end of the book to bolster learning and boost the fun
Why not try some yourself? True or False?

1. Venus is the third planet from the Sun.
2. Venus is a rocky planet NOT a gas planet.
3. Venus is sometimes referred to as Earth’s twin planet.
4. Venus has no seasons - it is just hot all the time.
5. Venus is so bright that sometimes you can even see it during the day.
6. It takes Venus an average of 2,225 Earth days to travel around the Sun.
7. Venus is sometimes called the morning star.
8. Venus is sometimes called the evening star.
9. Venus is sometimes called the lunchtime star.
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Top 10 AMAZING Facts About VENUS

By the time of the ancient Romans it was understood that Venus was one of four planets other than the Earth.
IP Factly

Venus – The Nearest Planet to Earth

Venus is a fascinating planet that in some ways is very similar to Earth but also has many differences. Probably the most amazing fact about Venus is that one day on Venus is longer than one year! Venus takes Earth days to do this. Venus is the second planet from the sun, after Mercury. It takes nearly 6 minutes for light from the Sun to reach Venus. Venus is also the hottest planet in the Solar System. The mean surface temperature on Venus is degrees Celcius.


Venus is a planet in the solar system and is the 2nd closest planet to the sun. The distance from the sun to Venus is over 67 million miles. Venus is the 6th largest planet in the solar system, which makes Venus the 3rd smallest planet in the solar system. Venus is one of the four planets in the solar system that is a rocky planet. Venus is the slowest rotating planet, and rotates backwards.

It has a similar level of gravity too. It has no rings round it, no moons and it spins backwards. What this means is that on Venus the sun rises in the West and sets in the East, which is opposite to Earth. Well no one really knows. It is now thought that ancient civilizations and the Mayan astronomers in BC watched Venus very closely and from that creates a very accurate calendar.

Each time you look up to the sky and see a star you are looking at a sun in another galaxy. If you were on another planet looking back at our solar system, you would see our sun as a star. Our Milky Way galaxy has more planets than it has stars. In our solar system we have eight planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars are the inner rocky planets. Jupiter and Saturn are the outer gas giants. Uranus and Neptune are the outer ice giants.


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