5 facts about the aztecs

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5 facts about the aztecs

Angry Aztecs by Terry Deary

According to the opening section of Horrible Histories: Angry Aztecs, this book will teach a little bit of history and a lot about people, but the most important thing is that it will teach children everywhere how to drive their teachers stark, staring mad by repeatedly asking the most dreaded question of all: WHY?

Why did the Spanish want to steal the Aztecs treasure? Why did Aztecs eat scum? Why did Aztecs drink live toads in wine? And why is the world going to end on December 22, 2012?

Angry Aztecs is recommended reading for grown-ups who want to prepare themselves for the onslaught and an absolute must for children who want to find out a little bit more about the mysterious Aztecs than the serious history books are willing to share.

Great, grubby fun and an excellent choice for anyone who is curious about these curious of folk.

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THE AZTECS - Top Five Facts

The greatest empire to rule over Mexico, the Aztecs were a phenomenal indigenous civilization which ruled far and wide for over years.
Terry Deary

10 Interesting Facts About The Aztecs And Their Empire

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The Aztecs are known for eating chocolate, killing people in sacrifice to their gods and ultimately getting defeated by the Spaniards. They are known by people as a barbaric race due to the large number of people they killed. The Aztecs believed in art, education and family very strongly. Also, religion was very important in Aztec culture and society. The Aztec people worshiped several goddesses and gods, each of whom ruled one or more aspects of nature or human activities. Furthermore, they had several agricultural gods because their culture was based on farming and also included natural elements they identified with their deities. Here are some more interesting facts about Aztecs.

The Aztecs were a group of warriors who first settled in the valley of Mexico in the 14th century. They became some of the most important and powerful people in Mesoamerica and ruled a large empire in the 15th century. The Aztecs were known for being rather fierce and in fact didn't have the best of reputations — they even sacrificed humans in order to keep the gods they believed in happy! They lived as nomads, which meant they travelled around different parts of central America until they settled in the valley of Mexico around It was important to keep the gods happy so the Aztecs even sacrificed human life to do just that! Although we know them as Aztecs, the Aztec people used to call themselves Mexica, which is where the name for the country of Mexico actually comes from.

20 Interesting Facts About Aztecs You Probaby Didn’t Know

This site uses cookies and by continuing to browse it you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Read our cookies policy. They fought endless wars with neighboring tribes until they dominated most of Middle America. This became the center of their powerful empire. The Aztecs believed in many gods, but mainly worshipped the sun god. They performed human sacrifices in order to keep the gods happy.

Toggle navigation. Aztec Facts The Aztecs were a civilization that lived from the 14 th to the 16 th centuries in Tenochtitlan, a city built on an island in Lake Texcoco now known as Mexico City. The Aztec's first ruler Acamapichtli oversaw the construction of the Aztec Empire in the s. It was only two centuries later in the early s, when they Aztecs were ruled by Cuauhtemoc, that the Spanish conquered and destroyed Tenochtitlan. The Aztecs referred to themselves as Mexica.


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    Did you know that the downfall of the Aztec empire meant the collapse of the last Mesoamerican native civilization, and this is just one of the many interesting facts about these cruel yet fascinating people?

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