Conspiracy theories to write about

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conspiracy theories to write about

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List of conspiracy theories

Outsiders and the disenfranchised have always embraced the existence of wild plots and cover-ups. But now the biggest conspiracy-mongers are in charge. By Anna Merlan. Thu 2 May I n January , I spent the longest, queasiest week of my life on a cruise ship filled with conspiracy theorists.

On the 40th anniversary of the moon landing — or was it just a sinister hoax? — TIME looks at 10 of the world's most enduring conspiracy theories.
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First of all, it's not just a few loners on the internet— prior research indicates that half the American public believes in at least one conspiracy theory in any given year. Once a conspiracy theory becomes the accepted explanation, it stops being a conspiracy theory and becomes a fact of history. This certainly is one reason people continue to believe—they hope their views will eventually be proven right. Some have viewed conspiracy theories as a particular affectation of the American right, with President Trump being both a proponent and target of a number of conspiracy theories. Historian Richard J.


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    Why do people believe in conspiracy theories? First of all, it's not just a few loners on the internet—prior research indicates that half the.

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    This is a list of conspiracy theories that are notable. Many conspiracy theories exist with varying .. American writer and disbarred lawyer Samuel Weems has claimed that the Armenian Genocide was a hoax designed to defraud Christian.

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