Quotes about being screwed over by a guy

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quotes about being screwed over by a guy

Fucked Up Quotes (23 quotes)

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Published 17.11.2018

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Here are 50 of the most beautiful, but painful quotes I have had the privilege to encounter over the course of my life. Some authors are listed, and if not, they're anonymous. Hope they make you feel deeper and think harder.

50 Quotes That Will Emotionally Mess You Up

Midway through the meeting the same person said, "That's not how we do business," but those words proved disingenuous as well because the evidence shows that is exactly how they do business. Without backstory, igotscrewed may appear an odd bird, but we are here because I believe good people should not be unfairly punished for respectfully standing up for themselves and speaking the truth in their defence. And to create a positive Web portal to share life's universal hard lessons learned and tips about how to avoid making the biggest mistakes in business. And this resource is for them. My own troubles with formerly-trusted business associates provided me this voice and motivation so honest hard-working nice people may benefit and learn from my real-world negative experiences and hopefully get over getting screwed. The truth, the facts are offensive to these people because it holds a Mirror of Truth up to their face and they don't like who they see looking back.

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Have you ever been betrayed? Has someone you loved and adored took out the rug from under you, leaving you winded and ready to vomit all over yourself?

And some of them I read they hit a nerve as some of them have been done to me way-back-when and others more recently I have done to boys. And more recently I have seen myself text boys like we are in a relationship and then drop them, ignore them, decline to hang-out, like they were nothing to me. I have seen myself flirt with boys and then tell them how great of a friend they are, or how much I love someone else, or even that I kissed someone else when I knew that they had feelings for me. I feel guilty for saying these things. But where did I learn to do this?


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