Robert ingersoll about the holy bible

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robert ingersoll about the holy bible

About The Holy Bible by Robert G. Ingersoll

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This is rhetorical and I wouldnt be surprised if someone could pick apart a claim here and there and show it false, but this review of the Bible by an atheist humanist is pretty much on the money and consistent with my reading of the Bible.
My personal note is that once you dispense with the idea that the Bible is the literal word of God and read it as pure literature from various contexts in history, you can engage with it like you would any ancient literature, history, or mythology. If you do believe in God you can read it as something God would like you to be aware of and learn from, but any God that fits any decent description I have heard of God wouldnt want you to take it literally as Gods direct word. You can learn just as much from seeing the obvious mistakes made by the people and gods of the stories in it as you can from its timeless wisdom and account of human nature. In that sense, perhaps Mr. Ingersoll was a bit too harsh, but I have to agree with him on the relative merits of other ancient and modern literature.
But the difference between the Bible and at least most other ancient literature is that the Bible is historically very important to Western culture and, the King James Bile especially, to the English language and English speaking culture, and it is currently believed in some way and held sacred by probably billions of the Christians people on the planet. Christianity dominates this world we are in. You might as well read and find out for yourself what the dominant world religion believes. On the other hand, if you are Christian and are like most Christians you probably havent read for yourself most of what you believe. Consider reading the Bible - the whole Bible, by itself, without a preacher making a speech that dances around what it really says.
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Robert Ingersoll: The Christian Religion Part 1

Order books by and about Robert Ingersoll now. About the Holy Bible There are many millions of people who believe the Bible to be the inspired word of.
Robert G. Ingersoll

About The Holy Bible

Order books by and about Robert Ingersoll now. Somebody ought to tell the truth about the Bible. The preachers dare not, because they would be driven from their pulpits. Professors in colleges dare not, because they would lose their salaries. Politicians dare not. They would be defeated. Editors dare not.

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And, in spite of their unanimous rejection, his words live on through today. As shown in this text his prose was terse, biting, cutting and slightly arrogant for he felt it was his purpose to bring the sacred scriptures into the glare of a more realistic realm. While Mr. Ingersoll offers no scientific proof that his statements have validity other than simple common sense he asks the questions that have triggered the doubt and anger that religionists have repressed throughout the centuries. From Galileo though Darwin through Ingersoll and on to Richard Dawkins, all have the following premises; Truth is found only through active questioning; Faith is generally believing something that has no basis in reality. Liberty of hand and brain -- of thought and labor, liberty is a word hated by kings -- loathed by popes. By clicking 'Sign me up' I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the privacy policy and terms of use.

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