Books about the great depression for students

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books about the great depression for students

Popular Great Depression Books

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History Brief: Daily Life in the 1930s

The Great Depression and Children's Books

It was the fall of Though the beginning of September saw a dramatic decline in stock prices, no one could have anticipated the consequences of such a drop. But by October 29, or "Black Tuesday," the U. What followed was an economic crisis unlike any that had come before—one that reverberated across the globe and throughout the s. Money was tight, whether you were rich or poor.

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Teaching about life during the Great Depression does not have to be a downer! Most children's books on the era provide a balanced account--portraying the harsh realities and tremendous sacrifices as well as accounts of compassionate and brave individuals who were determined to survive in this harsh time. None of the children's books listed below focus entirely on the hardships of the era, and none of the books will leave the reader with a sense of despair and hopelessness. Instead, these 'best books' convey the reality of life during the Great Depression, but also leave the reader better for having read it. The Gardener Caldecott book set during the Great Depression about a girl who brightens the lives of those around her!

Picture Books

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With all the current talk of hard times, this might be a good time to look at the Great Depression in literature. The study can stay within the language arts curriculum or serve as a means of crossing the curriculum into social studies, science, economics, and the arts. Order Info Grades 2 - 8 This thoroughly delightful and touching book brings us a series of letters between young Lydia and her family. This is one of those books where the pictures add immeasurably to the plot and must be examined carefully to get the most out of the book. They begin with the end-papers, continue on through the title pages and then on to the text.

Skip to content 10 April August 19, Even so, life had its bright spots — like favorite games and radio shows — and many young people remained upbeat and optimistic about the future. Drawing on memoirs, diaries, letters and other firsthand accounts, and illustrated with classic archival photographs, this book by one of the most celebrated authors of nonfiction for children places the Great Depression in context and shows young readers its human face. By Janet B. The stock market — system that controls money in America — plunged to a record law.

What was always interesting to me, though, was that no one in my objectively poor and struggling family ever described their past with anything like hopelessness or despair. Instead, they spun tales that had to do with pluck and even joy. Often, stories that emerge from difficult times endure because they illustrate universal themes about hope, creativity, family, and the triumph of the human spirit. Beans kids had interesting nicknames in the s! These are hard times, and Beans and his fellow Conch pals have big plans in this new entry into a rich tradition of Depression-era historical fiction. But what is it?


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    And so begins the fascinating history of the Great Depression. It's hard to imagine America ever faced times so hard, but in this book, just for kids, you'll find out.

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