Books about true love stories

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books about true love stories

True Love Story by Willow Aster

Want to read a True Love Story? Here it is!!! Its heartbreaking and intense, gut churning and real. It hurt to read, it laid me out but kept me up all night. I read this book in one sitting.
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I was captivated by this like nothing Ive been captivated by in quite some time. Something, some elusive quality, grabbed me...the title, the cover...something made me burn for this book as soon as I noticed it. And it paid off. I freaking LOVED this book!

First off, the blurb is really misleading, at least for me. I thought that it was some weird mess-with-your-mind game of chance and oddity. But its just a plain ole contemporary romance about circumstances and mutual acquaintance throwing this couple together every few months, and their inexplicable attraction to each other.

Maybe attraction is too tame a word. Sparrow and Ian are connected. From their first face to face meeting, the chemistry and invisible line between them is so palpable, if set my tummy butterflies off immediately.

But this is NOT an insta-love story. This is an insta-connect story. This is a story about two people who are meant to be together, but life gets in the way. Age, location, vocation, time, family, friends, and most of all their own reluctance and eventual stupidity are blocking their path to each other.

When the story starts, its already heartbreaking:

It has been a year, two months, and seventeen days since I last saw him. Two years, ten months, and five days since he broke my heart - well, since I knew he had broken my heart. Technically, he began breaking my heart the moment I met him.

Sparrow is a prechers daughter. The proverbial good girl next door, she has a strong sense of faith and purpose. But shes not holier than thou, shes just a normal girl getting ready to move away from home to go to college, looking forward to wearing what she wants and discovering what it is to be responsible for your own life. One day, her family goes to dinner with some friends...just another day, but its the day that changes her life.

She meets Ian Sterling.

Ian is an up and coming guitarist and singer. Sparrow had actually seen him play years ago, before his name was known, and had a little girls crush on him ever since. But now, the crush isnt so little any more. Ian is flirty and charming, but more than that, they both know without a doubt that theres something extra there between them. If only....all of those obstacles were gone. But theyre not.

Over then next couple of years, Ian and Sparrow spend minute amounts of time together whenever fate sees fit to allow it. And each time, a deeper bond is forged, and their inevitable love blooms. Its powerful, and its beautiful. Ian and Sparrow as a couple are perfection. They laugh together...boy, these two can be goofy! Their chemistry is off the charts, but its not an overtly sexual relationship for a very long time. They just fit, like puzzle pieces.

You have this grounding quality about you. I dont know a better way to put it. It levels me. Ive never been at home anywhere, but I am with you.

And in step those obstacles...mainly stupidity. How do you say Im sorry for betrayal? When you know nothing you say will erase what youve done....
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God, it made me hurt!!! This true love story brought me down and yanked the tears right out of me. I gasped out loud, even though I KNEW it was coming...I KNEW IT for the entire book!!!! How did I fall so in love, how did Sparrow fall so in love? You cant help it. If ever lovers have been star crossed, its these two. Theyre just so perfect together and hopeless apart.

I sent him away.
Im mad that he went.
I cant love him.
I cant hate him either.
Ian Sterling has ruined me. And hes ruined me for anyone else.

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And how do you move on from losing the love of your life...knowing, KNOWING that youve both lost it all?

I love this authors voice. She writes with such heart, and the inner dialogue of Sparrow is hilarious. The girl thinks in jokes at times, and constantly kept me on my toes. Watching Sparrow grow into a woman, from age eighteen to twenty four....those formative years in which so much happens...she grows so much as a person. And how often do you truly find your soulmate so early in life? And really KNOW it?! She knows it. And that makes the betrayal all the more heartbreaking. The fact that I can forgive is quite phenomenal, but I did.

What a gorgeous story...and its completely self contained, with a short but fabulous epilogue. Beautiful, wonderful story penned by Willow Aster. I am sold on anything you may ever write again!
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Willow Aster

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