Poems about losing your husband to cancer

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poems about losing your husband to cancer

Without: Poems by Donald Hall

You might expect the fact of dying--the dying of a beloved wife and fellow poet--to make for a bleak and lonely tale. But Donald Halls poignant and courageous poetry, facing that dread fact, involves us all: the magnificent, humorous, and gifted woman, Jane Kenyon, who suffered and died; the doctors and nurses who tried but failed to save her; the neighbors, friends, and relatives who grieved for her; the husband who sat by her while she lived and afterward sat in their house alone with his pain, self-pity, and fury; and those of us who till now had nothing to do with it. As Donald Hall writes, Remembered happiness is agony; so is remembered agony. Without will touch every feeling reader, for everyone has suffered loss and requires the fellowship of elegy. In the earths oldest poem, when Gilgamesh howls of the death of Enkidu, a grieving reader of our own time may feel a kinship, across the abyss of four thousand years, with a Sumerian king. In Without Donald Hall speaks to us all of grief, as a poet lamenting the death of a poet, as a husband mourning the loss of a wife. Without is Halls greatest and most honorable achievement -- his give and testimony, his lament and his celebration of loss and of love.
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Coping with Losing a Loved One

Poems of Comfort After a Death

Nothing can explain why cancer swoops in…. It is with deep sadness that we lost my Uncle Marty to cancer yesterday. He was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma just 8 short months ago. My Uncle Marty was 55 years old. In these past handful of years, we have lost my Dad and both of his brothers to cancer. The sadness makes me reflect on the loss of my Dad. I reflect on the fact that so many beautiful souls on this earth are taken away from us by this overwhelming disease.

To my darling husband who died in March This poem has helped me to express my feelings to all who are going through the same situation as me.
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This selection of funeral poems for husbands offers brief, but powerful words to enhance the funeral program. The ideal funeral poem is one that all of your guests can relate to. Sit down and think what you want. Do you want your funeral poem for your husband to be philosophical? Express your love? Do you want it to discuss an after life? Or would you prefer a poem about your husband's character and beloved qualities?

I could not have been more miserable. It was Christmas , nearly two years after my husband John Thaw had died, the end of a passionate, maddening, fulfilling, obsessive relationship that had spanned 29 years. I was clinically depressed, feeling cross and musty and being vile to everyone. My family had gathered about me, but in my persistent grief they were more irritation than consolation. One of the grandchildren pulled a volume of poetry off a shelf and it fell to the floor. I was unnaturally annoyed by the incident. But when I bent to retrieve the book I found it was a collection of verse given to me by John many years earlier.

Your Questions. Online Counseling. Book Store. Keepsake Store. After a 45 year career in nursing helping the bereaved, Elizabeth lost her own husband, and coped by following her own advice. People who have lost loved ones after many years of marriage or shared lives find it very difficult to cope.


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    Loss of Husband Poems. Poetry remembering a deceased Husband and Spouse . Poems about love, mourning, grief and wondering about how to go on with life.

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