Fun facts about joseph smith

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fun facts about joseph smith

500 Little-Known Facts about Joseph Smith by Wayne Lewis

I was expecting to find really fascinating information that was not well-known in this book. Instead I found:

1) a few things that I didnt already know (Dr. Nathan Smith, who operated on Josephs leg, founded Darmouth, and there is still a first edition Book of Mormon in the Darmouth school library),

2) many things I already knew (Emma was never excommunicated, and never officially left the church)

3) a lot of things that werent very important to me (which Mayflower pilgrims Joseph descended from, a list of 54 children who were named for Joseph Smith followed by a note that undoubtedly there are hundreds more),

4) many things that arent facts at all, but are quotes (At a dozen points it seems its all over. The games up. Theres no way. And yet out of it comes a greater success and a growing movement that ultimately survives --Ronald Esplin),

5) many things that are conjecture (a list of ten logical individuals who could have been witnesses if Joseph were choosing), and

6) personal thoughts and testimonies from the compilers (If you consider by whom he was tutored, Joseph Smith had the equivalent to hundreds of PhDs, as he was taught by God, Christ, and scores of angels --compilers note, or The prophet saw with his spiritual eyes things that no other man has seen --compilers note. How is that a little-known fact?)

The last three categories annoyed me, because I was expecting to read facts, not opinions or conjecture or contemporary opinions or even testimony. I had to wade through a lot of opinions to pick out the facts.

With the very loose organization of the facts and the wide, wide range of items included in the book, it seemed like I was just reading someones personal notebook of their study of Joseph Smith.

There is a lot of useful information in it, but it certainly isnt what one would expect from the title: 500 little-known facts about Joseph Smith.
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Top 10 Facts The Mormon Church Doesn’t Want Its Members To Know

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Wayne Lewis

Joseph Smith

Joseph Smith , originally Joseph Smith, Jr. Smith came from an unremarkable New England family. After the birth of Joseph Smith, Jr. His mother, Lucy Mack, came from a Connecticut family that had disengaged from conventional Congregationalism and leaned toward Seekerism , a movement that looked for a new revelation to restore true Christianity. Although privately religious, the family rarely attended church, and after they moved to Palmyra they became involved in magic and treasure-seeking. Lucy Smith attended Presbyterian meetings, but her husband refused to accompany her, and Joseph, Jr.

FunMormon Life. Did you know Joseph Smith's famous leg surgery was the fourth in a series of surgeries? As we celebrate Joseph Smith's birthday, here's a list of 15 other interesting facts about Joseph Smith. 1. Joseph Smith's famous leg.
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Early years

But they did not know the full truth about Smith. Jensen said. The four treatises on polygamy reflect a new resolve by a church long accused of secrecy to respond with openness to the kind of thorny historical and theological issues that are causing some to become disillusioned or even to abandon the faith.

On Dec. Among the more prominent features of the terrain were the Indian mounds containing the skeletons of long-dead warriors. Shortly after his marriage in , Smith began to talk of some golden plates he had discovered in these mounds under an angel's guidance, as well as magic spectacles that enabled him to decipher the tablets' hieroglyphics. Moving to Pennsylvania, he worked on the translation, which turned out, he said, to be a history by Mormon, an American prophet and historian of the 4th century, telling of two Jewish peoples who had migrated to North America and whom Jesus visited after his ascension. In the Book of Mormon appeared for sale and quickly became important in spreading the Mormon faith.

Fun Mormon Life. Did you know Joseph Smith's famous leg surgery was the fourth in a series of surgeries? As we celebrate Joseph Smith's birthday, here's a list of 15 other interesting facts about Joseph Smith. The first surgery doctors had to lance his shoulder to drain it of infected material, the second and third times they tried to drain his leg, and the fourth time they removed the bone. During the translation of the Book of Mormon, Joseph and Oliver Cowdery translated about 12 pages a day. Joseph Smith was often known for his sense of humor. One of the phrases Heber C.


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