Funny quotes about hospital stays

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funny quotes about hospital stays

The Old Willis Place by Mary Downing Hahn

Diana and her little brother Georgie have been living in the woods behind the old Willis place, a decaying Victorian mansion, for what already seems like forever. They aren’t allowed to leave the property or show themselves to anyone. But when a new caretaker comes to live there with his young daughter, Lissa, Diana is tempted to break the mysterious rules they live by and reveal herself so she can finally have a friend. Somehow, Diana must get Lissa’s help if she and Georgie ever hope to release themselves from the secret that has bound them to the old Willis place for so long.
   Mary Downing Hahn has written a chilling ghost story in the tradition of her most successful spine-tingling novels. The intriguing characters, frightening secrets, and plot twists will delight her many fans.
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The Best Of Ron Swanson (Parks and Recreation)

Jan 16, Explore patriciatwilla's board "Recent hospital stay "humor"" on Truth hurts but in the case of the funny nurse quotes listed here, it reminds.
Mary Downing Hahn

Hospital Quotes

Below you will find our collection of inspirational, wise, and humorous old hospital quotes, hospital sayings, and hospital proverbs, collected over the years from a variety of sources. Hospitals are only an intermediate stage of civilization, never intended at all even to take in the whole sick population. Florence Nightingale. The hospital industry to this day works its tail off to do the right thing. Rick Scott. The hospital that feeds you refined sugar, white bread, canned soup, bouillon cubes, and frozen vegetables should be closed by the health department as a menace to the public health.

Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died. It is amazing what the medical profession will write. These are actual statements taken from medical interview records written by various paramedics, emergency room receptionists, and we are afraid a consultant or two at major hospitals. Keep Taking the Medicine Patient: It's been one month since my last visit and I still feel miserable. Quick Diagnosis Nurse: 'Doctor, Doctor the man you've just treated collapsed on the front step.

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Hilarious short quotes about doctors, medicine, hospitals, treatment. Short clean jokes and funny quotations for all of us who rely on the placebo effect laughter which is better than health insurance, and a lot cheaper. Be well, be silly. Links to more medical humor at bottom of page. Share your own jokes or feedback in the Comment box. I become faint and nauseous during even very minor medical procedures, such as making an appointment by phone.

It looks like you still need to set up your Goodreads account. Join Goodreads. Already have an account? Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Quotes tagged as "hospital" Showing of I cannot begin to explain to you

Sometimes patients say the funniest things. As a medical profession, we are around the lingo day in and day out. It's easy to lose the perspective of a lay person. That means funny patient quotes are bound to happen. It was an older lady admitted with abdominal pain and severe constipation who had remarkable results with just a couple suppositories. I want you to send me home with a couple dozen of them depositories. It took every ounce of strength in my body not to start laughing out loud.


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