Happy short story about family

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happy short story about family

Family Happiness by Leo Tolstoy

[Semeynoye Schastye] = Family Happiness, Leo Tolstoy
Family Happiness is an 1859 novella written by Leo Tolstoy, first published in The Russian Messenger. The story concerns the love and marriage of a young girl, Mashechka (17 years old), and the much older Sergey Mikhaylych (36), an old family friend. The story is narrated by Masha. After a courtship that has the trappings of a mere family friendship, Mashas love grows and expands until she can no longer contain it. She reveals it to Sergey Mikhaylych and discovers that he also is deeply in love. If he has resisted her it was because of his fear that the age difference between them would lead the very young Masha to tire of him. He likes to be still and quiet, he tells her, while she will want to explore and discover more and more about life. Ecstatically and passionately happy, the pair immediately engages to be married. Once married they move to Mikhaylychs home. They are both members of the landed Russian upper class. Masha soon feels impatient with the quiet order of life on the estate, notwithstanding the powerful understanding and love that remains between the two. To assuage her anxiety, they decide to spend a few weeks in St. Petersburg. Sergey Mikhaylych agrees to take Masha to an aristocratic ball. He hates society but she is enchanted with it. They go again, and then again. She becomes a regular, the darling of the countesses and princes, with her rural charm and her beauty. Sergey Mikhaylych, at first very pleased with Petersburg societys enthusiasm for his wife, frowns on her passion for society; but he does not try to influence Masha. Out of respect for her, Sergey Mikhaylych will scrupulously allow his young wife to discover the truth about the emptiness and ugliness of society on her own. But his trust in her is damaged as he watches how dazzled she is by this world. Finally they confront each other about their differences. They argue but do not treat their conflict as something that can be resolved through negotiation. Both are shocked and mortified that their intense love has suddenly been called into question. Something has changed. Because of pride, they both refuse to talk about it. The trust and the closeness are gone. Only courteous friendship remains. Masha yearns to return to the passionate closeness they had known before Petersburg. They go back to the country. Though she gives birth to children and the couple has a good life, she despairs. They can barely be together by themselves. Finally she asks him to explain why he did not try to guide and direct her away from the balls and the parties in Petersburg. Why did they lose their intense love? Why dont they try to bring it back? His answer is not the answer she wants to hear, but it settles her down and prepares her for a long life of comfortable Family Happiness.
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A happy family

An old couple had three sons. They all grew up and got married. The old couple were proud of their daughters-in-law. One day the husband found his wife lost in thought. Yet, I wonder who is the most intelligent.

At just 26 years old, Ashley has faced more hardship than most people her age. Her early childhood was marked by abuse and constant evictions until at age 12 she was removed from her home and adopted by her aunt. Despite her challenges, Ashley earned a college degree, had a job and her own place, and was devoted to her two young children. For the next 10 months, Ashley and her children were homeless. She was able to have family members keep the children for some of the time.

This is the story of a small and happy family. It is a happy family, as there . "If a fellow does not read a novel or even a short story but brings books of astrology.
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In a forest there lived a family of bird with father, mother, and a baby bird. The baby is loved by both the parents very much. They were living very happily. When days go by father and mother birds started fighting for simple reasons. The fighting was kept on going for days and even for months. Baby bird was so sad by seeing her parents fighting.

The sun was beaming down on me as I sat leaning on a tree at the park on the soft grass cuddling Snitch my Jack Russel. The leaves were rustling in the wind when I heard a loud roar full of sadness, pain and hurt. I jumped to my feet so fast that I almost fell backwards. I broke off into a run with Snitch right behind me in hot pursuit of the noise. The noise was growing louder as we got close.


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