Things i hate about myself

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things i hate about myself

Ten Things I Hate About Me by Randa Abdel-Fattah

Randa Abdel-Fattahs new novel about finding your place in life . . . and learning to accept yourself and your culture.

At school Im Aussie-blonde Jamie -- one of the crowd. At home Im Muslim Jamilah -- driven mad by my Stone Age dad. I should win an Oscar for my acting skills. But I cant keep it up for much longer...

Jamie just wants to fit in. She doesnt want to be seen as a stereotypical Muslim girl, so she does everything possible to hide that part of herself. Even if it means pushing her friends away because shes afraid to let them know her dad forbids her from hanging out with boys or that she secretly loves to play the darabuka (Arabic drums).
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I hate everything about me - Sad multifandom (Eating disorders & Depression)

Things I really hate about myself: • I either love way too hard or not at all. • I'm so fucking awkward, I can't say babe without sounding like I'm weirded out or.
Randa Abdel-Fattah

10 things I hate about myself (and why it doesn’t matter)

Give them all to me and right now. These are the movies my sister and I quote relentlessly. It drives the people around us insane but we are who we are so sorrynotsorry. My favorite character is not Julia Stiles as the tough as nails older sister, Heath freaking Ledger as the bad boy, or even the little sister who is desperate to be popular. No, my favorite character in this movie is the dad. He is the BEST. He is the perfect foil for his two capricious daughters whom he is raising all alone.

Submit your work, meet writers and drop the ads. Oct I hate my acne, How it blemishes my cheeks, Leaving scars for you to trace in the dark as you kiss away my skin 2.
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Self-hate is a dark, black hole in our soul that can be easy to fall into, but difficult to get out of. Last week I wrote about some of the reasons why people hate themselves. The truth is you are NONE of those things. Nobody can make you love you other than you! And if I act better, I will feel better. And the way we think can hurt worse than any words.

A lot of the times I like to be away from people, and I wish it was an okay thing to be. To anyone. AT ALL. I shut everyone out on purpose and I never know why. I hope everyone gets the meaning about this. I hate who I am. I hate how I act around people.

Which I feel like is something I should know how to do. But I also find it very tedious and boring to think about so I do the bare minimum. I remember first biting my nails in first grade. My mother was horrified and put that bad tasting polish all over my fingers. I bring up therapy to everyone. Including first dates which you know, is super charming. Maybe they will make a Lifetime movie about me.


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