Barack obama facts about him

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barack obama facts about him

The Crockworthy Sisters Box Set - Parts 1-3 by Marcus Brown

The first three books in thrilling Crockworthy Sisters series.

The Dark Magic Murders:
In 1692, the Crockworthy Sisters were forced to flee through time to escape persecution during The Salem Witch Trials.

For over three hundred years, they have lived in peace, but an enemy from their past has others plans for them.

Following a string of gruesome murders, the sisters find they are being ushered toward a long overdue battle.

Who is The Dark Magic Murderer, and what is the connection to the Crockworthy Sisters?

The Secrets of Moonlight Manor:
With Miriam Donaldson lying dead in the morgue and both Tamara and Talia missing, there is only one person Tabitha Crockworthy can turn to if she hopes to see her sisters again.

With no other alternative, Tabitha must swallow her pride and team up with the one person she knows can help find them. But what will that person want in return?

Backed into a corner, Tabitha is forced to work alongside a potentially deadly foe, in a race against time, to reunite the Crockworthy sisters.

How did The Dark Magic Murderer infiltrate Moonlight Manor? Will his identity be revealed? And are her sisters still alive?

Who will fall, and who will be victorious when the secrets of Moonlight Manor are finally revealed?

The Unholy Trinity:
The dark magic murderer was believed to be dead, but it’s not long before mutilated bodies once again start piling up.

With the killers body missing, and dealing with the loss of one of their own, can Jack Davies lead the hunt and stop him for good?

Meanwhile, without their gift of immortality, the Crockworthy sisters must do everything within their power to stop Abigail, Numen, and Jeremiah – the unholy trinity, before it’s too late.

Out of time and wanting to return to 1692, Abigail has one final surprise that will change all of their lives forever.
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BARACK OBAMA- History and Heritage

Barack Obama: The 50 facts you might not know

Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. Photos: Obama in 50 states. Rebecca had written him a letter asking him to visit South Dakota, which is the 50th state Obama has visited during his time in office. White House photographer Pete Souza highlights a picture from each state. Hide Caption.

Before winning the presidency, Obama represented Illinois in the U. Senate — He was the third African American to be elected to that body since the end of Reconstruction His father, Barack Obama, Sr. His mother, S. Ann Dunham, became an anthropologist.

How much do you know about former President Barack Obama? Here are a few presidential facts you might not know. Obama won two Grammy Awards. He won his first Grammy in for his spoken word album, Dreams from My Father. Governor Bruce Rauner signed into law a measure to make this day a holiday. When it comes to popular baby names, Barack ranked 4, in according to Baby Center. This is up by 13, from

Education and Employment

Barack Obama was the 44th president of the United States and the first African-American commander-in-chief. He served two terms, in and The son of parents from Kenya and Kansas, Obama was born and raised in Hawaii. After serving on the Illinois State Senate, he was elected a U. He and wife Michelle Obama have two daughters, Malia and Sasha. Obama's father, Barack Obama Sr.

Barack Obama. Barack Obama president of United States. Also Known As. Birth Date. Political Party.

In , Barack Hussein Obama Jr. From his early life, few people could have foreseen his burgeoning leadership skills and vision. However, others would say it was his early life that helped shape his political career. What are some facts about Barack Obama? Prepare to be astounded. In Swahili , the name "Barack" means "one who is blessed.


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    Sep 6, Barack Obama, 44th president of the United States (–17) and the first thousands of people waited to welcome him, lining the streets.

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