Worst things about being a woman

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worst things about being a woman

Quote by Jessica Valenti: “What’s the worst possible thing you can call a ...”

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Published 19.11.2018

Who Has It Easier? - 0-100

29 Worst Things About Being Female

So we ask our diverse panel of female recruiters to point out the most annoying thing they have heard about being a woman in this industry so that we can continue to break down barriers and combat issues of sexism not only in recruitment but in all areas of work and professional life. And that is why the woman is talking to me- to find them a role in a company who WILL support their needs! The sexual advances on LinkedIn seems pretty common according to young and attractive recruiters. It must be frustrating for them to be seen as an object of desire. Do they? I also have a big issue women working in any sales orientated role are often mistaken as being aggressive.

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Lack of camaraderie between women. The jealousy and competitiveness in attaining male attention is all too apparent especially with younger women.
no plan survives contact with the enemy

Lysha Holmes

This article was first published in , Also men: can I put this in your bag.



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