City of fear a thriller

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city of fear a thriller

City of Fear: A Rob Soliz and Frank Pierce Mystery by Larry Enmon

Someone’s taking out drug lords left and right in Dallas. But this can only mean there’s a bigger threat out there.

The unexpected killing of Dallas drug king-pin Ricardo Salazar sets everyone on edge. A New York crime family is up in arms about the loss of a major narcotics supplier. The Dallas Police dread the ensuing gang war but Detectives Rob Soliz and Frank Pierce were on the scene at the time of the shooting. They both saw a mysterious red-haired woman enter Ricardo’s just moment before, but she was never seen leaving. Instead, all they found inside the house was a dead man and a voodoo doll at his feet.

Rob and Frank search for the red-head. She is the key to unraveling the crime. But finding her only presents more questions than answers. Frank knows she’s not being honest but can’t prove a direct connection to the murder. As the gang war heats up, the body count rises, and innocent citizens are caught in the crossfire. Political pressure mounts, and New York sends an enforcer to settle the Ricardo score. Now, Rob and Frank may be Dallas’s only hope, but how do you fight something that only exists in myth?
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Complex of Fear 1993 Mystery, Crime, Thriller TV Movie

the unfortunate confrontation lures him into the dark underworld of The City. a three-part drama/thriller series that is full of emotion and a variety of twists.
Larry Enmon

Book Review: ‘City Of Fear’ Is The Next Thrilling Rob Soltz And Frank Pierce Thriller

Sign in. Watch now. An urban drama following the lives of David, Adam and Conor. David, an amateur photographer, gets himself into a position where he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, resulting in him witnessing a murder, the unfortunate confrontation lures him into the dark underworld of the city, however is it all it seems? Written by Calum Rhys [Director].

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CITY OF FEAR (1958) Clip - "84 Hours" - Columbia Pictures Film Noir Classics II

Primal Fear is a American neo-noir crime - thriller film , based on William Diehl 's novel of the same name and directed by Gregory Hoblit. The film tells the story of a Chicago defense attorney who believes that his altar boy client is not guilty of murdering an influential Catholic Archbishop. Primal Fear was a box office success and earned mostly positive reviews, with Edward Norton making a strong showing in his film debut. Martin Vail Richard Gere is a Chicago defense attorney who loves the spotlight and does everything he can to get his high-profile clients acquitted on legal technicalities. One day, he sees a news report about the arrest of Aaron Stampler Edward Norton , a year-old altar boy from Kentucky with a severe stutter , who is accused of brutally murdering the beloved Archbishop Rushman Stanley Anderson. Vail jumps at the chance to represent the young man, pro bono.


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