Books about survival after apocalypse

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books about survival after apocalypse

Very Best Post-Apocalyptic Fiction (258 books)

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Recommended Reads: Dystopian

The 10 Best Post-Apocalyptic Books to Read Before the World Ends

The world felt like it ended in Then again in Aside from the scavengers steadily stripping the empty city to its bones, only a few thousand people remain, content to live quietly among the crumbling metropolis. Many, like the narrator, are there to try to escape the demons of their past. Those remaining turn to magic and sacrifice to cleanse the Earth. It is a unique and imaginative look at a future Earth scarred by environmental neglect. Cut off, people become passive and confused.

Things can always be worse and you can rely on novelists to put that phrase into cold, hard words on the page. The atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki showed humanity had the tools for global self-destruction. The s was a decade where the end of world could be found on the end of our bookshelves. Even Oprah Winfrey turned her legion of followers on to post-apocalyptic fiction when she named The Road as a book club pick in An odd match indeed.

Skip navigation! The apocalypse. Judgement Day. For every word there is to describe the end of days, there are five different ways authors have envisioned the mechanics of how it would actually happen. In each of these books, authors detail the factors that led to civilization's downfall, and then explore the brave, bleak new world left in its wake.

Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction is a subgenre of science fiction , science fantasy , dystopian or horror in which the Earth's technological civilization is collapsing or has collapsed. The story may involve attempts to prevent an apocalypse event, deal with the impact and consequences of the event itself, or it may be post-apocalyptic, set after the event.
gateway heechee saga frederick pohl

Must-Read Post-Apocalyptic Books

You can sometimes learn a lot of important survival skills from them, and improve your mental preparedness while enjoying them. I wanted to make sure this list went beyond my personal preferences I tend to prefer stories about natural disasters and plagues over sci-fi heavy alien and zombie books. Want to get prepared for disasters? Then check out our eBooks. We cover the essential topics including emergency water, survival food, gear, and off-grid living.

With the shelves clogged with end of the world horror, here are some that caught my eye. Keep reading for the best books about the apocalypse. Just how important is saving the arts during the end of the world? Well, to The Traveling Symphony, a small troupe of traveling actors and musicians, keeping the arts alive is a way of life. Kirsten Reynolds vividly remembers the day when a devastating flu pandemic arrived in her city, and within weeks, civilization as she knew it has come to an end. One thing that I have always questioned in these post-apocalyptic books is: what are these characters fighting for? What future could they possibly have?


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    These post-apocalyptic books from are a great place to start That man is Ruslan, the sole known surviving human being in the universe.

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