Common core math course 2

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common core math course 2

Big Ideas Math Course 2 Accelerated A common Core Curriculum CA Teaching Edition by Laurie Boswell

What can I say, this is a math book, so it already deserves a bad review. But the fact that this book offers little explanation as to what the math problems are about. Whenever I dont understand something in the book, I turn to the internet, because the explanations are practically useless. Even my teachers would agree. Teachers never teach with the book, although they occasionally assign problems from the book. Normally, we receive worksheets, this is because the problems are either too easy, not from the lesson at all, or carelessly worded. I would not recommend purchasing this book for your school, unless you want you students to not understand their math work. The same goes for the 6th and 8th grade version.
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Published 01.12.2018

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Prentice Hall Math - Course 2

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ALEKS QuickTables is complimentary with any mathematics course, and can be enabled easily if it's not already automatically included. Each of the courses in our Algebra 1A suite can be used as the first part of a two-semester sequence or by itself as a year-long course. These courses provide robust and comprehensive topic coverage and enable students to master all the math skills they need to succeed in higher level algebra. It focuses on the algebra concepts and prerequisites typically covered in the first half of an Algebra 1 course. California Algebra 1A provides comprehensive coverage of the current California Algebra 1 math content standards.

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