Rory miller meditations on violence

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rory miller meditations on violence

Meditations on Violence: A Comparison of Martial Arts Training & Real World Violence by Rory Miller

Experienced martial artist and veteran correction officer Sgt. Rory Miller distills what he has learned from jailhouse brawls, tactical operations and ambushes to explore the differences between martial arts and the subject martial arts were designed to deal with: Violence. Sgt. Miller introduces the myths, metaphors and expectations that most martial artists have about what they will ultimately learn in their dojo. This is then compared with the complexity of the reality of violence. Complexity is one of the recurring themes throughout this work. Section Two examines how to think critically about violence, how to evaluate sources of knowledge and clearly explains the concepts of strategy and tactics. Sections Three and Four focus on the dynamics of violence itself and the predators who perpetuate it. Drawing on hundreds of encounters and thousands of hours spent with criminals Sgt. Miller explains the types of violence; how, where, when and why it develops; the effects of adrenaline; how criminals think, and even the effects of drugs and altered states of consciousness in a fight. Section Five centers on training for violence, and adapting your present training methods to that reality. It discusses the pros and cons of modern and ancient martial arts training and gives a unique insight into early Japanese kata as a military training method. Section Six is all about how to make self-defense work. Miller examines how to look at defense in a broader context, and how to overcome some of your own subconscious resistance to meeting violence with violence. The last section deals with the aftermath--the cost of surviving sudden violence or violent environments, how it can change you for good or bad. It gives advice for supervisors and even for instructors on how to help a student/survivor. Youll even learn a bit about enlightenment.
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The Reality of Violence - Rory Miller

Meditations on Violence: A Comparison of Martial Arts Training and Real World Violence Paperback – Illustrated, 1 Mar Training for Sudden Violence: DRILLS 2-DVD set (YMAA) Rory Miller,. Start reading Meditations on Violence on your Kindle in under a minute.
Rory Miller

Meditations on Violence

Rory Miller provides an authentic and honest portrayal of how real violence differs from the models of violence on which whole systems of martial arts and self-defense are constructed. His knowledge I thought this was a fascinating, honest, and thoughtful book. As a recent student of martial arts, I have always been afraid that if I really devoted myself to the art, I would unlearn some good self Rory Miller. Rory Miller distills what he has learned from jailhouse brawls, tactical operations and ambushes to explore the differences between martial arts and the subject martial arts were designed to deal with: Violence.

Get used to being hit, and get used to being touched, especially on the face. For various reasons, face contact between adults is loaded with connotations. Accidental face contact almost always results in both students freezing and can cause outpouring of emotional sludge. Criminals use this by starting with an open-handed strike to the face called a "bitch slap" that has paralyzing psychological effects. Pat, I have to second your opinion on this book.

I was first exposed to this book by a fellow martial artist who recommended it as a means to better understand violent situations. Miller divides the book into seven sections that each address a different aspect of facing violent encounters. He draws upon his vast experience working in a maximum security prison to provide the ready with a wealth of information. He takes us through the psychology that often drives perpetrators of violence, advice on how to think when facing an encounter, the affects of adrenaline and stress hormones, and an analysis of how predators think and act. He also provides valuable advice and drills to help the reader adapt their training to the realities of violence. Miller concludes with a chapter on the after-effects of violence, addressing what to expect and how to deal with its psychological effects.

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Rory Miller Sgt. This exceptional book opens with a black and white photograph of a bathroom with a swirl of sticky-looking muck on the floor and a few droplets splattered across the side of the toilet. Since there is no color, it takes a moment to realize what you are looking at, but this mess is clearly human blood, a LOT of human blood.

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I tried to post the first part of this review on Amazon. Post a Comment. If you do the best you can, nothing else matters worth a damn. Friday, June 20, Meditations on Violence. There is stuff in it you probably know, but some you probably don't, and knowing it might save your ass Probably wouldn't hurt to read it if you are a street cop, a reporter, a fireman, or a medic who is apt to find him- or herself in harm's way. Or just somebody who is interested in methods to stay healthy and alive.



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