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pixel of ink author submission

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Published 01.12.2018

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There are hundreds of sites promising to promote your books. Pixel of Ink is a recent example. Another warning. Some of these sites switch from being a Free Advertising space to becoming paid. So check very carefully before filling up their forms.

On any given day, thousands of free eBooks are available for the Kindle. Both BookBub and Pixel of Ink serve as recommendation engines. Their editors pick through that giant selection to find the best free eBooks. Then they highlight those titles in email newsletters and daily updates on their site. Has your book been featured by Pixel of Ink or BookBub? Have you learned about a great book through these sites?

Each of these website tend to have their own terms and conditions. For example some sites require your book to have at least a 4 star rating to be listed. It is advised that you submit your book at least days before its Free promotion date. To increase your chance of getting listed you should list your book a week before its promotional date. However there are a few sites that only allow you to list your book when its currently free. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

The code monkeys at our Better Book Tools labs have created an awesome book promotion tool to help Kindle authors promote their free Kindle book promotions!
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Behind the Scenes: A Morning at Pixel of Ink

Simple tips to improve your writing Two minutes to improve your writing! Writers Digest Use of Language. Writing Strong Female Characters Ways to write a strong female character. General advice about writing, self-publishing and marketing This is a great post! Sell loads of books System spelled out!

Finally, I want to be honest with you and put a big disclaimer on this list: being featured by these sites may or may not drive a lot of downloads of your book! Again, just keep trying and keep putting out more books for readers to connect with. With that said, on to the list! However, by creating a post template that you can copy and paste into each group you may need to tweak to meet group guidelines , you can go through this whole list in about 30 minutes so it can still be worth the work. I want to say thanks to my friend Barb Asselin, author of Write a Kindle Bestseller , a great book for nonfiction authors, for providing some of this list. Did I miss anything? Please let me know what sites I should add or remove in the comments!

October 24th, by Kate Tilton. Free ebooks have become one of the many marketing tools used by self-published authors to promote their work. Below is a list of ebook sites you can use to increase your free ebook distribution and reach new readers. You can use the handy checklist to keep yourself organized while doing your promotions. Kindle Book Blast! Kate Tilton is the marketing associate for BiblioCrunch, an author assistant, and a book blogger. Kate is also a proud host of indiechat, Tuesdays at 9pm EST.


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    Promote your free eBook with BookBub and Pixel of Ink. If you're offering your eBook for free on Amazon and want help spreading the word to.

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    Book of the Day: The Widow's Watcher. Load more entries Back to top. mobile desktop. All content Copyright Pixel of Ink. Powered by WPtouch Mobile Suite.

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    The Book Deal.

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    Just today, as I write this column, the news has erupted in the indie world that Amazon has cracked down on its Amazon Associates Terms and Conditions.

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