No fucks left to give

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no fucks left to give

Stephanie *I Have No Fucks Left To Give* (Aurora, CO)s review of Rhett

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Published 30.11.2018

The Machine - Bert Kreischer: THE MACHINE

Barack Obama Comic Announces POTUS Has No Fucks Left to Give

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Have you ever gotten all bent out of shape over something as trivial as which way the toilet paper is facing on the roll? Or why your husband keeps leaving his dirty socks on the floor? If so, I can relate. Most of us give way too many fucks about way too many things. And most of them are utterly un-fuck-worthy.

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Everyone was born with a limited amount of fucks to give. During your teenage years you give a ton and slowly give less and less from there. As you get older you just get worn down and just stop giving a fuck about a lot of things. Basically the internet is strewn with articles and advice on how to not give a fuck. How crazy is that? It is almost like the google world is attempting to offer some extraordinary justification for being indifferent, to actually practice being indifferent, which is maybe a different slant on how to be a complete moron. I say that because it seems like we could all use some good advice with regard to knowing when to give a fuck and when not to give a fuck.

So today is Authors Against Bullying day. Which I forgot to sign up for though Jess Haines was nice enough to send me an email about it it just got lost in the NYCC craziness. I have a lot of anger still. I mean, why should I protect anyone at this point? This whole topic comes up at an interesting time. Last week was my 20th high school reunion.


  1. Mario F. says:

    Fresh Out Of Fucks To Give Pen Far Kew Emporium

  2. Damian C. says:

    Where does zero fucks come from?

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